Presidential adviser Van Jones resigning after coming under fire for signing 911 Petition.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Presidential adviser Van Jones is resigning after coming under fire for signing a controversial petition regarding the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

A call for immediate inquiry into evidence that suggests high-level government officials may have deliberately allowed the September 11 attacks to occur."

An administration source told CNN that Jones did not carefully review the language on the petition.

Pls also see: Glenn Beck Gets First Scalp: Van Jones Resigns

Fox Van Jones Poll: Vote NO

Fox is running a poll on whether Jones should've resigned. Right now it is running 98% to 2% FOR his resignation.

Vote NO, you all.

BTW, I find the the timing of this revelation (that Jones signed the petition), right before the 9/11 anniversary, really suspicious.

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars

Planned Media Attack

I've gone to many media comment sections to read the reactions to the Van jones resignation- and it's nasty. I've never read so many racist, hateful comments, generated in such a short amount of time. It seems the shock troops were organized to do the greatest amount of damage to the Truth Movement, Obama, and environmental progress. Lots of money behind this effort. Who's next? I think the advertising boycott against Glenn Beck's show has scared them some, and they've been circling the wagons.

The Van Jones smear campaign was designed to hit now...

It is my personal speculation that the smear campaign against Jones was designed to hit the news just prior to September 11th in order to denegrate 9/11 Truth. The "black ops media" wanted to throw a first punch, just like the National Geographic first strike.

My view is to ignore the Van Jones issue. But continue to push the 9/11 Truth issue; to continue to encourage people to view and look and observe what is being censored about 9/11.

Let's utilize the attention on 9/11, while ignoring the Van Jones scenario. The current media attention about 9/11 Truth is a focus which we can capitalize on. Use their motion against them.
Fox TV Example:

i agree

strategy sounds right to me..

which encouraged me to link to this article at this 911blogger site.. thanks to everyone being active.. truth is on our side..


It goes to show

That people in DC not only know the truth about 911 but are willing to continue the lie at all cost. I am disappointed that Van Johnson recanted his position and then resigned anyway. I am not sure if he thought he could save his job by recanting or if he felt threatened, either way I am dismayed. The only good aspect of the whole affair is that 911 truth is in the news and while we know the spin will be negative, some seeds of doubt will arise and eventually bear fruit. Many of us started our search for truth in this manner.

The abject moral cowardice of the "alternative" media

is exemplified by Jason Linkins, "editor of Huffington Post's media commentary blog".

"Well, if you want some advice, okay: FOR GOD'S SAKE, DO NOT SIGN ANY CRAZY ASS PETITIONS FROM CRAZY ASS PEOPLE. I really cannot stress this enough."

Let him know how you feel about it.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson


This event is going to force more people to look at the facts. I've concluded that now. It is an opportunity to discuss this in various environments, in which previously, it would be impossible, with raging denial the result. Every time I've brought it up at a particular blog I frequent, I've encountered the wall of denial. Despite the many many links I'd left to all who scoff at my remarks. The Left leaning ones, were particularly heartbreaking to denounce me. However, now, the blog I engage in conversation, and debate with, the Lefties are now seeing things with a new light.

Every time there is a controversy, like the National Geographic, Van Jones, and maybe more to come, trying to dissuade the Truth movement, it helps us, because we have the facts on our side. So, basically, every very public attempt to dump the Truth Movement works FOR us.

We are just growing larger in numbers. All they have to throw against us is the derisive term "conspiracy theorist". The numbers on our side, in believers, is greater than theirs.

The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."

Show "With respect to Van Jones, let me repeat what I said before" by rschop

There are many different

There are many different lines of evidence pointing to government complicity, and all avenues of discovery should be encouraged.

And - if you know how to make paint chips that explode, release a bunch of heat, and form iron-rich spheres when you put them in a differential scanning calorimeter, would you let me know, please? Thanks!

rschop is right...

I belive that rschop gives a fine illustration of how this will be played by the leftwinggatekeepers.

While we in the 911truth movement will focus on the point, that the fact that such a highly esteemed official even signed a 911truth-petition lends credibility to our cause, the leftwinggatekeepers/cointel agents will play this hard in the time to come, to convince the gullible left, that 911truth is a selfdestructive occupation.

Van jones once felt that it was a viable strategy to sign such a petition, but today he seems to have changed his position.

He could have used the situation to confirm that he signed the petition because he felt that it was relevant, and that would at least have made his defeat somewhat useful, but he didn't. If anybody harbored any hopes that an Obama adminstration would be helpful to 911truth, any delusions must be gone now.

Did Obama and Van Jones shake hands one last time when Van Jones Resigned?
What did Obama say when they looked each other in the eyes?
"I know - but my hands are tied".

For me the substantial retort is: "Why do you think Van Jones signed the petition in the first place?".

Respectfully, Van Jones did

Respectfully, Van Jones did not disown the 9/11 petition because he "didn't think it would be useful" to the 9/11 truth movement. It was a purely self-interested move. Before he signed the petition, he didn't really have much power. He was semi-famous, but didn't wield much authority. When he was given a taste of authority, he wanted to hang on to it for dear life and was ready and willing to jettison any baggage that would jeopardize his political ambitions. This episode was a test of his moral character and fiber and he utterly failed.

And I utterly agree with you JGourley!

I saw on Google news that Van apologized for making those "past comments". What does that mean? He takes back his 9-11 comments, as Yahoo news stated "... Jones' name appearing on a petition connected to the events surrounding the Sept. 11 attacks. That 2004 petition had asked for congressional hearings and other investigations into whether high-level government officials had allowed the attacks to occur."? And then, "Jones said in an earlier statement that he did not agree with the petition's stand on the Sept. 11 attacks and that "it certainly does not reflect my views, now or ever."

It looks like a major opportunity was lost, when he was already clearly out the door. I marched with Van Jones and his friend Julia Butterfly Hill in several anti-Iraq war marches in downtown San Francisco just after the illegal Bush invasion. I even interviewed them both for San Francisco IndyMedia. Van's Obama is not only escalating the war in Afghanistan, but continuing the one in Iraq. Van missed a great chance to speak out openly against these immoral and inhumane policies. He could have affirmed his belief in the need for a new investigation, instead, and pardon my expression but the wars behind it go way beyond crass, Van "kissed ass". Too bad he didn't kick ass. Shame on you Van.

John Parulis

I agree.

JGourley wrote:
"Respectfully, Van Jones did not disown the 9/11 petition because he "didn't think it would be useful" to the 9/11 truth movement."

I agree that that is reasonably probable speculation: It would be very strange logic to think that 911truth wouldn't benefit from his endorsement.

JGourley wrote:
"It was a purely self-interested move."
I agree that that is one model that fits the data, however since we're not in his shoes we cant' really know precisely every parameter in his considerations.

However his decision to denounce his previous stance on 911truth, probably gives some kind of insight into the reality that politicians navigate whether we like it or not.
And an important point in this debacle is that given the barrage of leftwinggatekeeping-guilt that will be heaped on us for having stained Van Jones with our crazy batshit conspiranoia-theories, 911truth will most likely devolve to become an even less attractive proposition for politicians.
A new investigation can only happen with support from politicians.

To make a few things clear:
Of course I believe that Van Jones should at least have endorsed 911truth, when he was dead anyway.
In fact he could still do that.
Of course he would - to some - (initially) lose further credibility, but by coming out saying that of course he has supported 911truth all the time, but just lied and denied to survive politically, he would also reveal something about the political corruption.
Of course I don't expect him to do that, but rather receive some reward-bone for being a useful fallguy. We will see.

I hope that my previous post got voted down because people misunderstood the tongue in cheekiness, apparently including 'rschop'.
(It hurts my vanity to be voted below threshold!)

I wrote:
"I belive that rschop gives a fine illustration of how this will be played by the leftwinggatekeepers."

Maybe my intention is clearer if I change a word:
"I believe that rschop *is* a fine illustration of how this will be played by the leftwinggatekeepers."

I'm sorry rschop, I did not support you. 9/11 was an inside job, and the Lihop-notion that it was actually the sole result of Al qaeda actions is batshit.
You're just seizing the opportunity to poison the well.

Cheers Jakob.

Thanks Jakob for the support!

As I said before, what a shame and lost opportunity.

You could have defended Van Jones with the information that now comes from US government own web sites and sources that proves that the CIA and FBI HQ had intentionally allowed the attacks on 9/11.

Given the brief monument you had in the spot light of the entire US media you could have made the case to all of the US main stream media that there was now more than enough evidence pointing to CIA and FBI HQ culpability in the allowing the attacks on 9/11 from evidence that came right directly from the US governments own web site and sources, and you missed your one golden opportunity to do this.

FOX NEWS absolutely destroyed Van Jones and there was no one to defend him, and his defense could have illustrated why a new investigation was needed.

As I said before WHAT A GOD DAMN SHAME!


What media are you referring to?!

Any time the news media has shone a 'spot light' on the truth movement, they have controlled the cameras, the microphone, the editing equipment. I don't know what you've been reading or watching if you think the news media in this country would ever allow ANYone to expose--through the airwaves and publications that they control--US government criminality with respect to 9/11, whether it be 'intentionally allowing' the attacks or still deeper culpability.

It is emphatically NOT the fault of the 9/11 truth movement that there was 'no one to defend' Van Jones. The pundits knew from the outset how the story was to be spun, and that's how they spun it--end of story.

I don't agree w/ rschop on CD, but he made a couple good points

the peer-reviewed papers and the material at and present strong evidence that WTC 1, 2 and 7 were deliberately destroyed- and it's obvious simply by watching videos anyway.

And there's plenty of information, also reported in mainstream sources and catalogued in the Complete 9/11 Timeline that people in the CIA, FBI and high-level policy making positions knew or should've known about 9/11, and negligently or deliberately allowed it to occur, even obstructing investigations that might've disrupted the plot, or actually facilitated the plot.

rschop's insulting comments are uncalled for and out of line.

However, he's got a point about the value of using the official reports and statements to counter those promoting the official 9/11 myth, and who've just successfully used the Establishment media to run Van Jones out of the Obushma administration.

EDIT- I also don't agree w/ rschop's 'theory', which seems to be that CIA hid almihdhar and alhazmi from the FBI as they were doing CYA/damage control over their 'failure' to prevent the Cole attack- perhaps some in CIA thought that's what they were doing, but the knowing and not disrupting could also mean desire for the events to occur- and considering other evidence in the public domain, it seems clear powerful people WANTED the attacks to happen. A FULL investigation is in order- not one preshaped and limited by rschop's theories, and not one which excludes the numerous pieces of solid evidence pointing to controlled demolition.

These statements by rschop are factually correct, and this is compelling evidence for a full investigation to uncover the whole story about 9/11:

"But there is now today, iron clad and irrefutable evidence that US government officials did indeed know that these attacks were coming ahead of time, knew that both Mihdhar and Hazmi were in fact inside of the US in order to part in these horrific al Qaeda attacks, and knew these attacks would kill thousands of Americans. But not only did the CIA and FBI HQ not do anything to alert the FBI criminal investigators or anyone else that wanted to stop this attack but in the end even forced the very FBI criminal investigations that could have stopped these attacks to be shut down these when FBI criminal investigators accidentally found out that both Mihdhar and Hazmi were inside of the US and knew there were here to take part in a horrific al Qaeda attack.

This information which is available today comes directly from US government official documents and sources, and describes in detail the names of almost all of the people who had this information and who knew that al Qaeda terrorists were inside of the US in order to carry out a horrific al Qaeda attack. This information even describes the very meetings where they not only interacted but where they knowingly committed criminal conspiracies to hide this information from the FBI criminal investigators that could have prevented these attacks on 9/11 using this very information.

This information also now describes the people in the CIA and FBI and even the administration chain of command that also had to have had this same information and did nothing to stop the attack on 9/11, and even links all of these people together."
"All of this information in unassailable since it comes directly from the US governments own official sources and is now in the public domain."
"...people who were involved and who’s involvement is now documented in publically available US government reports on 9/11, like CIA officer Tom Wilshire, and FBI HQ Agent Dina Corsi, and all of the other people who were involved, including FBI Director Louis Freeh, and CIA Director George Tenet and CTC head Cofer Black who we now know who’s actions clearly allowed these 9/11 attacks to take place."

A circus of disinformation

carefully timed with 9/11 approaching. How convenient, even here on 911blogger.

"Small paint chips"? This is a ridiculous lie and has been smashed to bits. Again and again. What sort of paint exhibits an exothermic reaction with temperatures capable of melting iron? Produces previously molten iron-rich microspheres? This type of "paint" is extremely dangerous and finding this type of "paint" in WTC dust is a scandal in itself. Therefore, EVEN IF IT WAS PAINT it would still be EXTREMELY DISTURBING.

BUT IT ISN'T PAINT. Recent study by prof. Jones et. al. comparing the nano-thermite chips to actual WTC primer paint confirms what we already knew: THAT IT WASN'T PAINT. OF COURSE IT ISN'T PAINT. PAINT DOES NOT EXPLODE OR DEFLAGRATE WITH IRON-LIQUIFYING TEMPERATURES. EVER.

Not only the Jones/Harrit team finds abnormalities, but so do RJ Lee, and the USGS.

You are using the same strategy the CIA used to defend the Warren Commission report.


And what has the so called truth movement done in these last 8 years about investigating this issue?

Nothing as far as I can tell to research this and either prove or disprove these questions. Not one piece of new credible information in 8 years.


4. In private or media discussion not directed at any particular writer, or in attacking publications which may be yet forthcoming, the following arguments should be useful:

a. No significant new evidence has emerged which the Commission did not consider.


If necessary, I will debate you until you withdraw this ridiculous lie. Not that I want to, but I feel that I have to. I cannot let you get away with this.

And people wonder why no

And people wonder why no whistleblowers at high levels of government have come forward. This guy just signed a petition calling for a new investigation and he was utterly destroyed. Can you imagine what would happen to someone if they actually tried to come forward with inside information? They would be swinging from the gallows when all was said and done and the MSM would play on.

I think there's no such thing as bad publicity. Anyone looking at this information with an open mind will very likely see the truth. They may not become vocal or activist supporters, but they will at least know the truth. The fact that this is still an issue 8 years later is a real testament to our success. Keep it up! The MSM will be completely irrelevant in 5 years. Until then, I hope they keep attacking us because it inadvertently points people in our direction.

The media attacks "inadvertently point people in our direction"

Well said !

"And people wonder why no whistleblowers at high levels of government have come forward. This guy just signed a petition calling for a new investigation and he was utterly destroyed. Can you imagine what would happen to someone if they actually tried to come forward with inside information? They would be swinging from the gallows when all was said and done and the MSM would play on."

"I think there's no such thing as bad publicity. Anyone looking at this information with an open mind will very likely see the truth. They may not become vocal or activist supporters, but they will at least know the truth. The fact that this is still an issue 8 years later is a real testament to our success. Keep it up! The MSM will be completely irrelevant in 5 years. Until then, I hope they keep attacking us because it inadvertently points people in our direction."

Good onya Van,---BUT... should have taken the opportunity to say YES, I signed that petition and would sign it again today. And then explain why. WTF, your career is done, why not perform one last courageous act of truth-telling on the way out? Oh, that's right---courage went out of style in Washington. Asp kissing is so much more fashionable. we are...still headed for the abyss.



Interesting to contemplate the ramifications if the Adviser had resolved the petition's original point.


this whole episode is pathetic and disgusting...

the only consolation for those of us who can actually *think* is that this over-the-top, knee-jerk, panick-stricken response to someone signing a simple, harmless petition requesting nothing more than *investigation* (for gods sake) is clearly evidence that mainstream media morons and establishment acolytes are terrified of the truth emerging and are now squealing like stuck pigs, convulsed by hysteria and apoplectic from hyperventilation...

The absurdity of it all

If there was ever any doubt about it before, it is now as plain as day:

Being indifferent towards--or, preferably, hostile to--a proper criminal investigation into a case of mass murder on US soil is now a prerequisite for service in the US government.

Put another way, supporting proper investigations into such crimes is now a disqualification for serving in the US government.

Such is the madness of the times we live in. In the process, the illegitimacy and fundamental criminality of this regime become harder and harder to overlook.

There's a new sheriff in town...the TRUTH

...and those political whores who make their mortgages and insure their offspring's placement in the best of colleges and universities by being shills for the corporatocracy...are really, really nervous about this new phenominon...

The Truth!

So, if it makes them nervous...lets just keep at it.

Remember, WE are the real patriots...its THOSE whores who have traded away our democracy...

F_ _ k them!

Its OUR country and its OUR world...we gotta fix them both.

Love, Peace and Progress...and...

...9/11 TRUTH for World PEACE...

This is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

Unfortunately, Van Jones showed his true character.

When it got to "Stand by your convictions and lose your job" or "recant your position and possibly keep your job" he made the wrong choice.

So he loses his job and his credibility. When the going got tough, he folded like a wet paper bag.

It wouldn't have mattered if we made a valiant effort to support him. Some of us did make an effort.

Obama has shown where he comes down on 911.

It wasn't the wording about government complicity that caused his demise. It was having anything to do with any alternative explanation to the official fairy tale.

I agree that we have momentum and that is why they are upping their game against us.

exactly ...

the truth cannot be traded for political expedience ... trust and credibility derive from honesty and integrity ... these characteristics are notably absent from contemporary politics

Let's keep an eye on Van.

Where Van Jones finds his next job will be quite telling. He didn't take a dive for nothing.

yes, worth watching

"Where Van Jones finds his next job will be quite telling. He didn't take a dive for nothing."

Van Romero was given a number of cushy positions and large budgets after he backpedalled on his controlled demolition observations.

David Sirota in HuffPo

I didn't see comments were enabled. Sirota obviously has not done any significant research into 9/11- or he's a shill
* For the 9/11 truthers out there, let me just say this: Yes, there is ample evidence that the government was grossly negligent in ignoring intelligence warnings about 9/11. And yes, there is evidence that the government has not been all that forthcoming about acknowledging that fact. To say that is not controversial at all - it's verifiably true, and to support better efforts to uncover the evidence around 9/11 isn't controversial either. But no, there is no evidence that proves or strongly suggests the government deliberately orchestrated 9/11. The 9/11 Truth movement has tried to aggressively harass/intimidate almost every person in public life - me, Van Jones, and everyone else - in an attempt to force people to sign onto its statements that the government wasn't just negligent, but orchestrated 9/11. These people are absolutely incessant - and their tactics and statements attempting to equate governmental negligence with governmental orchestration is as offensive as it is awful. It's the worst mix of bullying and conspiracy theorism - and it's not merely "controversial," it's unacceptable and it needs to end.

As expected

Just as we expected.

The leftwing gatekeepers - knowingly shills or just plain gullible - will use this event to polarize the borders between 911truth and mainstream-sanctioned progressive movements. We will be fenced off from the people who would have been most likely to be open for arguments.

Many honest progressives will see this event as further reason to not invest in understanding 911truth.

And many cointelpro agents will use this event to inflame exactly that division.

What a difference Van Jones could have made if he had gone down with honesty.
The message would have been so totally different if he had said that he was being outed for raising reasonable questions.
I guess that either this is some kind of deliberate scheme to hurt 911truth, or damage-control to keep the harm from Obama seemed a more important priority to Van Jones, than supporting 911truth.
Or he was just plain selfish as suggested.

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i didn't scroll down far enuf

and great points by Jakob

Extremist obviously ;)

Minke Pence, Republican Rep. of Indiana called for Jones' resignation or that he be fired.

"I think Van Jones did the right thing," Pence said Sunday about the resignation. "His extremist views and coarse rhetoric have no place in this administration."

And from the BBC's Washington correspondent Mark Mardell tonight.

" ..... because what this man Van Jones has said was perhaps a bit vulgar and a bit, I mean rather crass, he supported er.. ... signed a petition saying that er.. the Bush administration might have known about 9-11 and let it happen and er.. most people think that that's pretty er.. pretty mad "

Van Jones an extremist mad man for believing LIHOP.....

Van Jones and David Corn

see the link on David Corn and his thinking on Van Jones and 9/11 Truth.