Strategy for national security: Department of Peace or Wars on Terror?

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“Some people project their fears onto others. They believe that if we are aggressive enough, and attack the ‘other,’ we will be safe.

But security does not come from violence. Indeed, all of the people and empires that have tried to defend themselves by attacking others fell in a dramatic fashion. The saying "those who live by the sword shall die by the sword" comes from the simple fact that violence cannot provide lasting security.

Instead, real security comes from cooperation, justice, dignity and freedom. When there is cooperation, and when people enjoy justice, dignity and freedom, they are not motivated to commit violence on others. That brings real security.” –

How about a Department of Peace to contribute to national security strategy in addition to the Department of War Defense? Let’s consider our government's argument that the US military's use of force after invading other countries that did not attack us is an effective strategy for our national security. And then let’s step outside the box of war, and consider the potential contribution that a Department of Peace might make for US national security.

First, let’s consider the credibility of the witness giving the testimony, the "leadership" of the Democratic and Republican parties. The findings from our own government reports document that the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are based on lies. The disinformation was fully known to be false BEFORE being told to the American people, Congress, and the world as justification for invasion, destruction, horrific suffering, and mass murder. Don’t believe me (or the spin from “leadership” of either the left or right sides of our one-party oligarchic government), check the evidence yourself here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. If they’ve lied their way into war, what would you rationally conclude of their honesty during the war? They would continue to lie to extend a war that they lied to begin, yes? And didn’t your mother teach you that violence just begets violence? Don’t you have spiritual/religious/philosophical values of peace first, then appropriate self-defense and justice under law?

Actually, everyone in politics is in agreement that the current US invasions are illegal Wars of Aggression except the oligarchs of the Democratic and Republican parties. Among the Dems, Congressperson Dennis Kucinich appears the strongest voice pointing to the evidence that the wars were foisted upon the world with lies. He called for impeachment as a presidential candidate and introduced Articles of Impeachment in the House . Among the Reps, Congressperson Ron Paul is their strongest voice for factual analysis rather than blind belief in heal-clicking allegiance to party doctrine. The Greens find the wars illegal, as do the Constitution Party, and the Libertarians.

This recognition of fact that we were lied into war is a political game-changer. To facilitate the end of such criminality, once a critical mass of citizens finally embrace those facts, I recommend a policy response of Truth and Reconciliation, discussed for its efficacy here.

In light of NATO war planes bombing most of the inhabitants of a small Afghan village into charred remains yesterday, Dennis Kucinich called for withdrawal of US soldiers from combat operations in Afghanistan. Similar to our findings of the Vietnam War in bombing villages, Kucinich adroitly noted: “If we want to avoid killing innocent civilians, we must end the war.” This reminded me of Dennis’ advocacy for a Department of Peace to contribute to comprehensive policy for national security and building a brighter future. Walter Cronkite discusses this proposal with Dennis in an 8-minute interview below for your attentive consideration.

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