Fax For Truth Special 11-Day Campaign, Day Seven: Rep. Brad Sherman

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Today, the sixth day of our campaign, we will be sending a fax to House Representative Brad Sherman. Most of us know this man's work, but for those who don't, see if this jogs your memory.


Rep. Sherman has received this paper and we are waiting for his response. Judging from work like this in the House, Rep. Sherman is someone who recognizes the fear-mongering employed to take advantage of these crises, and maybe we can count on him for help in bringing this paper out in the public. At the very least Rep. Sherman's office should release a public statement giving its opinions on the claims made in the paper. Let’s send him a fax asking him to bring this evidence to the media, or at the very least, release a public statement on the nano-thermite paper regarding why he won't go to the press with this information. Please take two minutes to send a fax to Rep. Sherman's office. You can use the sample letter provided below or write your own. As always a polite, respectful tone is preferable and you can send a free fax over the internet by going to www.faxzero.com.

Rep. Sherman’s fax number: 202-225-5879

Sample letter

Today’s date

Your name and address

2242 Rayburn Building
Washington, D.C.
tel: 202-225-5911
fax: 202-225-5879

Dear Representative Brad Sherman,

I have admired your work in Washington in the past, especially your fighting against the fear-mongering during the initial stages of this financial crisis. I was encouraged by your voting no on H.R. 1424. Unfortunately there were not enough members of Congress with integrity like you to stand up against the fear-mongering with you, and the disastrous bailout bill was passed. Nonetheless, you stood on principle and I admire that in a person. You strike me as someone who has a deep desire to find out the truth no matter where it leads you. I feel that all politicians should possess this quality.

I would like to begin my formal request to you with a quote from the late John F. Kennedy: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.” I am writing to you as a concerned citizen attempting to use my democratic mechanism of control over my government in order to have a public inquiry into certain pertinent facts. These facts are available online in a peer-reviewed, scientific paper published in the Bentham Open Chemical Physics Journal. The title of this paper is “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe.” The authors of the study conclude that they have discovered within the dust from the World Trade Center disaster on September 11, 2001, unexploded particles of nano-thermite, a military-grade explosive. This type of explosive is very advanced and it is practically guaranteed that Al-Qaeda could not have gotten access to this sort of material. I have been told that you have been made aware of the contents of this paper some time ago and that you would review it and comment on it. I was hoping that you had had enough time by now that you were ready to release a public statement from your office regarding your thoughts on this paper. Do you agree that the science in this paper deserves further scrutiny? If so, I would urge you to bring this to the media and spread the word about this paper so we can build some momentum behind getting an official review of this paper. The Vice President has received this paper and has promised to investigate it, but so far no developments from him. Likewise from the 15+ members of Congress who were presented it by members of WeAreChangeLA and Luke Rudkowski in a separate occasion from when you received it. We would like to know what you and your fellow members of Congress think we should do about this paper. Is it junk science? If so, please issue a public statement backing up your claims. If you agree that the claims in the paper deserve to be investigated, please issue a public statement indicating what you plan to do to achieve one, and what we can do to help you. Either way, I await your response.

Thank you Rep. Sherman. I wish you continued success in this upcoming session of Congress and I hope we can work together on this issue in the months ahead.


Your name

His policy people are currently reviewing the paper

I have been in consistent contact with Congressman Brad Shermans office for about the last three years. He is my representative and I have hand delivered the Nano Thermite paper to his district office directly. I was informed last week by his staff that his policy people are currently reviewing the Nano thermite document . So far this is all I know. There office is routinely slow at getting back to me if at all but I do understand that his district is huge with about 600,000 constituents. So they have their hands full. So just to let everyone on here know I am currently working with their office on this issue and I will let everyone know what's happening once I find something out. But please keep contacting his office and let him know you want something done about this.

Thank you all

Ed Brotherton

Thank you Ed...

...for the work you've done on this. I wish everyone would contact their reps in DC over this.

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