Ottawa 9/11 Truth August 11th Truth Action - A-Channel & Sparks St - Rough Draft

Ottawa 9/11 Truth went down to A-Channel at 6 o'clock to hand out DVDs in front of the A-Channel building and to display our signs in the background of their morning show which runs from 6 am - 10 am. We handed out many dvds, held our signs up during a number of their on-air segment and managed to get signs on the air. Security confronted us at number of times, we just stood our ground , spoke truth to power. A passer by even was defending us to the security and had heard about WE ARE CHANGE / WAC Ottawa which was amazing. We later went to Sparks St. to hand out 300 DVDs to the business class of people of Ottawa just getting off work. All in all , a day for the truth.

I had just need to do my finish touches of the video, play with the sound, shorten / length a few clips but now my laptop won't turn off , so I uploaded a rough draft I created, just to view it entirety before going into the final edit. I have a feeling this is the end of this laptop so just wanted to put something up for the 11th.

Time will tell if Sandra Blaikie wises up to the truth.

You can ask her yourself if she gots the DVD and has watched it , she checks her emails from her blackberry.

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Sparks street is a public mall!

Sparks street is a public mall fer cryin' out loud. What did "security" think that they were doing that was legal?

Mike Zimmer

I am sure you must have meant illegal.

just a guess.

Great job Ottawa!

Security = Illegal ?

Yeah, I think it was more of an intimidation tactic even had 3 police officers show up before that but they didn't do anything because we were on a public sidewalk. Just spoke truth to power to the security and carried on... It was funny because they came out all angry but after the conversation, they were polite and everything....

Only wisdom can end such madness.

Actually, no

I could have phrased it better, but my question, somewhat sarcastic, was in effect; "How could security have thought that they had jurisdiction over the Sparks Street mall?" On the other hand, they may have been dumb enough.

Well done again

Polite is right.

Persistence furthers.

Great taste in music.

Carry on Canada.