Two Podcasts on 9/11

This week Doug Lain from the Diet Soap podcast and KMO of the C-realm podcast discuss 9/11 conspiracies on both their respective shows. There is a special emphasis on the pervasive resistance to critically engage with the subject, and an analysis of how leading alternative thinkers and dissidents seem unable to think critically on the subject. The C-Realm podcast is here and the Diet Soap podcast is here.

Coward Kunstler (on c-realm)

Stating "because I just don't believe it" etc. in the face of empirical claims such as the facts of the WTC 1,2 and 7 collapses does not a counter-argument make. Referring to a story, that has been proven to be false, just because it comes from the government and the mainstream corporate media doesn't either.

Kuntsler's straw-man arguments and 2nd-grade level denial regarding 9/11 is beyond pathetic. Perhaps it’s his dysfunctional way of dealing with the fact that there are folks who try to dismiss his (very credible) analysis of the suburban status-quo with equal childishness.
On top of this, he demonstrates an "analysis" of current U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East which would make Fox News look like Noam Chomsky.