Erin Broadley of reaches out to the Truth Movement.

Hi, this is Erin Broadley of Last fall you linked to an
article I had written about Denis Leary's appearance at book soup.
Thought you might be interested in linking up these two news stories for
your readers as well. Let me know!

What Would 9/11 Have Been Like in the Age of Social Media?

Realtime 24-7 Internet communication through social media channels like
Twitter did not exist in 2001. A look into the net reaction to more recent
disasters offers clues to what would happen in a 9/11-style attack today.
Could Twitter handle the scale?

9/11: Truth and Reconciliation in Tehachapi

As one might ask of so many strong beliefs that lead to proselytizing and,
in extreme cases, crusading behavior, is “9/11 Truth” a meme, or is it
the healthy response of people who see an otherwise obscured reality?

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