Ottawa Sun does Hit Piece on Truth Action Ottawa and Loose Change Director Dylan Avery

Conspiracy of dunces
Truth is out there on 9/11, but don't expect to find it while munching popcorn with lunatic fringe

By EARL McRAE, Sun Media
Last Updated: 11th September 2009, 6:50am

Phil Bentley, American tourist, is on the sidewalk with his wife Joan across from the U.S. Embassy, snapping pictures of the building on the eve of what the conspiracy theorists say was the fulfilment of his government’s plot to blow up the Twin Towers in New York eight years ago today, killing thousands, so that George W. Bush could have a popular excuse to invade Iraq in revenge for Saddam Hussein once wanting to kill his father.

“People who believe that stuff are mental cases, they’re nuts,” says Bentley, 59, from Cleveland. “What happened on 9/11 was an al-Qaida terrorist attack, it was what we were told it was. All this other talk you hear is sick. Unfortunately, it’ll go on forever.”

“At first I did think it was the Russians, or communists of some kind,” says Joan.

“I was in the kitchen making Phil’s breakfast when it suddenly came on CNN. I screamed ‘Phil, get down here, New York is under a bomb attack.’ ”

“It was an awful time,” says Phil. “Sheer panic. Nobody knew what the hell was happening to our country. But not once did I think it was carried out by the government. You’d have to be really sick to think that.”

Calling all conspiracy nuts! Calling all conspiracy nuts! Tonight’s your big night. Your Super Bowl. Your Grey Cup. The Mayfair Theatre on Bank St., 9:30 p.m., the documentary film Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup that makes the case 9/11 was, indeed, planned and executed by the U.S. government with an industry of subsequent cover-ups and doctored evidence.

Truth Action Ottawa. Heard of it? No? Didn’t think you did. It’s sponsoring tonight’s showing in partnership with the Mayfair.

“Through our research,” says Truth Action Ottawa on its’ website, “we have uncovered some of the massive lies and distortions in the official versions of events like 9/11.”

Good luck in finding the names or phone numbers of any Truth Action Ottawa people. The group’s website doesn’t reveal them. Under “contact”, you get an e-mail box for your message above “Send”, but no displayed e-mail address.

“Truth Action Ottawa,” says the site, “is a non-profit, non-partisan group of individuals dedicated to educating the public about government crimes and mass media deceptions. The media, owned by a very few wealthy magnates, carefully filters and spins the information the general public is allowed to receive.”

Oh, uh, Truth Action Ottawa also says: “We are not conspiracy theorists.”

That’s too bad. Because ya gotta love conspiracy theorists. Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK? Nope. It was the CIA. No, the Mafia. No, Fidel Castro. No, Lyndon Baines Johnson. James Earl Ray killed Martin Luther King? Nope. It was the FBI. No, the CIA. No, rivals in the NAACP.

Sirhan Sirhan killed Bobby Kennedy? Nope. It was the FBI. No, the CIA. No, Palestinian terrorists. No, a short order cook in the hotel kitchen. Neil Armstrong landed on the moon? Nope. He landed outside Sudbury. No, Arizona. No, Nevada. Barack Obama is an American and a patriot? Nope. He’s the reincarnation of Hitler in blackface.

Hell, there’s even a newspaper guy in Ottawa who says Elvis faked his death and is living in Tweed.

Every time the scribe tries to publish his hard evidence, the wealthy magnates of the mass-deceiving media he works for keep filtering and spinning his information.

The documentary on 9/11 that Ottawa’s excited conspiracy fanatics will see tonight at the Mayfair was written and directed by one Dylan Avery, age 25, of California.

His film website says “he was rejected from film school twice ... Mr. Avery enjoys long-boarding, playing with his pitbull Gordo, jamming on his bass guitar, and spending as much effort furthering the human condition as possible.”

Bulletin. This just in. Above information on Mr. Avery not, repeat, not, spun and filtered through fear of wealthy media magnates.

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All I needed to do was read

All I needed to do was read the title and it is so idiotic . . . this will get no real traction. But that they are bothering is a good sign. You guys must really be getting somewhere!

"Lunatic fringe" type phrases only appeal to people who are already so deeply immersed in the propaganda that they are beyond hope.

>>Truth Action Ottawa. Heard of it? No? Didn’t think you did.

Then why bother writing to article? How transparent.

Once again, when we go to

Once again, when we go to the article and read the comments, most are positive pro truth. It's nice to see people are seeing through the hit pieces.


This article appeared as the top half of page 6 of the newspaper. There were a whole bunch of people that came out specifically because of the article, so thanks Earl McRae. The film screening was a huge success.

I think they are on the run and have no real arguments !

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
these ad hominum attacks against 911 truthers are very present these days. I think they are on the run and have no real arguments that weigh up. We are nearing the end : Truth will win. Good against Evil also.

Yours John