911 : The quest for truth goes on

Architect Richard Gage challenges the official version of the attack of September 11, 2001. He has no certainty, he only raises technical issues: how the three towers could collapse so quickly? Why traces of explosives in the debris? And so on...Eight years after, the attacks on the World Trade Center still raise doubt and controversy, as recently illustrated by the case of Van Jones, special advisor to the White House, forced to resign for having once signed a petition calling for a new investigation. And despite a witch hunt worthy of McCarthyism, more and more people around the world continue to point the finger at the gaping holes in the official version.

A report from Paris by Hicham Hamza
published September 11, 2009 on the French webtv La Télé Libre

“The City conceded we have 30,000 valid signatures. Big victory.”
These are the words addressed Wednesday by Manny Badillo at his fellow activists in New York. This man, close to a victim of the attacks, and representing the organization NYC CAN [1], may finally regain hope. His group which was pushing for a referendum on popular initiative, opening the possibility of a new survey, has won a decisive battle in gaining recognition by the municipal authorities of New York for the validity of the 30,000 signatures required, already documented, collected on about 80,000 in total. Now, if the legality of the complaint is confirmed in the coming days, voters in New York will decide in November to establish a commission investigating the attacks in Manhattan, with subpoena power. A velvet revolution in attitudes advocated by those very people who have been at the forefront. And, most importantly, the collective need to understand what has actually happened in front of their own eyes, in this day of September 11, 2001.

In an interview [2] with La Télé Libre, Guillaume Dasquié, a specialist in geopolitics and critic of Thierry Meyssan, was slightly conceded that the hypothesis of explosive pre-installed in the World Trade Center was "unlikely but ( that) we do not exclude it." Really? Rushing into the breach, an American architect, Richard Gage, developed the theory of "controlled demolition", the only one, according to him, which helps explain the special characteristics of the collapse of the 3 towers in the context of the laws of physics. After mounting an online petition [3] to support his argument, the man has collected, to date, the signature by nearky 5,000 supporters, including more than 800 professional architects and engineers. We went to meet him last fall in Paris, on the occasion of the lecture he gave to present his arguments.

And while some consider him already as the ultimate popular conspiracy theorist, others are seriously studying his case, as the deputy director of the FBI, Michael J. Heimbach, who caused a stir last December by issuing a positive opinion [4] on the bold demonstration of the Californian architect, holding his theory "interesting and based through analysis". The agency is known, in imitation of the Justice Department, to grow its ambiguity over the official line of U.S. authorities: since 2001, it has still not formally [5] indicted bin Laden for the attacks of September 11. Curious omission [6] on the most wanted terrorist, the-say-so, of the planet.

Almost despite himself, Richard Gage, anxious in the beginning to stick to a mainly scientific demonstration [7], has gradually assumed the role of political activist, lobbying Congress to create a new commission of inquiry and criticizing the way the political and media cover the story of 911. The new leader, which now seems to enjoy [8] spreading his "message" (a hundred lectures during a few months through eight countries), does not appear to have successful business or a career to build on that suject : his multimedia presentation on DVD is available for free on the Internet and his ambition focuses on awakening public opinion [9] about scientific anomalies of the official version.
Beyond the character, some are hoping that the arrival of a new team in the American Administration, will eventually lift the silence about the incompetence or even acquaintances of Bush and Cheney in the prevention of the disastrous attacks.

Demystifying 911: this is the test of truth, unlikely if we judge by the fate of Van Jones, but necessary under the promise of transparency, which in turn awaits President Obama.

*The exclusive video interview of Richard Gage in Paris : http://latelelibre.fr/index.php/2009/09/11-septembre-la-theorie-explosive/

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