Germany: New "Pirate Party" awakes more and more people

It seems that Germany is finding some kind of an awakening during the last weeks. After a lot of 9/11 documentaries have been shown in mainstream television (like "Zero"), the new formed "Piratenpartei" ("Pirate Party") is growing immensly. While the party itself is not primarly a 9/11 truth party, it has also it roots in fighting against surveillance, false falg terrorism, a censored internet and for new freedom, that can only be achieved by tightening constitutional rights and not only change politics, but the way that politics are done. For example, decisions should be democratized and legislation shall be bound directly to scientific proof.

In Germany, you have to gain 5% to come into parliament, which is normally impossible for new parties against the established ones. Normally, no party gains more than 0,5% of the votes. However, in Sweden, the Pirate Party made 7% and sent their first representative to the european parliament. In Germany, one member of parliament couldn't take the fraud anymore and switched his mandate to the "Piratenpartei", so that he was the first "Pirate" in the german parliament. In the following state parliamentary elections of "Sachsen", the Piratenpartei reached 2 seats. More and more people are signing up every day and even established politicians are switching and become "Pirates" to "board" the government (Summary-Video (german)).

To me, this is an absolutely incredible development, that no party at all was able to achieve in just some weeks. Even mainstream media had to accept, that the party is growing immensly and report about them and about the surveillance problem every day (Video-Samples). The party now starts to buy airtime in private german mainstream television to show spots and video clips to educate the population. For example: In this one, they talk about the current surveillance laws coming up in Germany (english subtitles):

And this one discusses their agenda in a more accessible way (english subtitles):

Note how professional they already work although they just started to promote themselves for the upcoming election. And of course, the spot covers a much broader agenda while the focus of the party itself is indeed much more into surveillance, false terrorism and censorship, what they see as the main cause of the civil problems of today.

But there is more: They are making video clips, manga comics, clothes and many, many other viral media events. They just seem to hit the nerve of many people of today and so they are growing fast and probably, the 9/11 truth movement in Europe should focus this movement as well. One might think different of their aspect of copyright or patents - but in Europe, it seems the only alternative to vote for truth right now. They gain sympathy - and while it's not on their agenda, yet, i'm pretty sure they would support a new 9/11 investigation as all of their points go back to this event. They already did support the a demonstration last weekend in Berlin - with aroud 20 - 30.000 people! Just look how much people sympathized with the "orange" pirates:

Probably, just let's be Pirates, too, and hoist the sails towards freedom and board our governments (and that's exactly why they call themselves that way). When the german pirate party really gains 5% in the general election this september, this would be a sensation never seen before.

Anti surveillance and 9/11 Truth protest in Berlin

September 12, 2009
Anti surveillance and 9/11 Truth protest in Berlin
30000 people attended the demonstration.