Here's an Idea

To all of us here at 911 Blogger. To Reprehensor, Jon Gold, and many other dedicated people that want the truth.
Charlie Sheen has the attention in our controlled media now. Can we hook him up with the most prominent people in our movement? The Jersey girls, Griffin,Gage,Jones,Sibel and as many of the victims family members etc to make a short to the point video demanding a new independent investigation?
A video to be sent to Hannity, O'Rilley, and all msn with the challenge to air it in it's entirety?
Then spread it all over the internet to show how the truth is being covered up.
I would think this would have to be done as fast as possible. Charlie is taking a stand.
Now is the time to unite. Opportunity is knocking. Can we do this? Can we afford not to?
What do all of you think about this? Jon Gold. You have done a great deal in trying to get the truth out. You have met a lot of these people. Can we make this happen?

For years

we have uncovered more and more facts of a cover up . We push the major media into the corner, and have them on the ropes only to let the out .
I would think the time to unite is now. We need to rally behind the attention Charlie has given to the cause.

Ted Walter...

Asked me recently if I knew of any way to get in touch with Charlie. I do not, but I imagine that Alex Jones does. You could try Daniel Sunjata, or Jesse Ventura as well.

Here's an idea for Charlie Sheen. Charlie, I imagine you know celebrities that can make the TVs talk, and I imagine some of them support the families call for a real investigation into 9/11. Hold a press conference with ALL of you making the statement that you support their call, and that's it. It's harder to attack a group of celebrities than it is to attack one.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

The more

attention the better. John i know you have done a lot. I really believe that we have a great opportunity here.
Contact the grass roots media, and use the internet to embarrass the controlled msm for coverage.
You know a lot of family members Jon, and the Jersey girls. Who knows if there is hope maybe even the firemen that know the truth, that were threatened with there jobs and loss of pensions would speak out as well. All those that are sick from the clean up could show the American people how our government honors it's heroes. Thanks Jon
Charlie has the attention. The time to rally with him is now.
Anyone have any ideas here? Contacts?

Here's an idea

I came across this suggestion recently from a retired university professor:

"I can think of many prominent and highly credentialed individuals in the Truth Movement like this member of AAAS and APS, and if, say, ten of the most prominent were to request an "audience" with Obama, how could he reasonably refuse? (Just one example: Max Cleland, triple amputee veteran, who quit the 911 Commission in disgust at the obvious whitewash).

What is needed is a means for breaking out of this "preaching to the choir" syndrome in which we find ourselves, or else people in the Truth Movement who care so much will fall depressed and silent and -- God forbid -- simply accept the criminality as part of an imperfect world. I intuit that there are millions who are hoping and waiting for something to "break". A blue ribbon group from the Truth Movement who have so much stature that they could not reasonably be denied a hearing from the President ..... I can't think of better tack, and one needed before many more years go by. By now, 8 years after the fact, the lies are becoming gelled within the culture to a dangerous degree. "

Yes, this should be built upon

10 prominent individuals requesting Obama's attention is an excellent idea.

Contact Larry King

So when is the debate? Can't you get nobody to stand up for the official lie?

Agreed- consolidation needed

Yes, yes, yes. All of the truthers need to coordinate themselves, re-align their objectives, and focus their efforts. The effects will really be seen if this is done. The heads of the groups definitely need to create a mutually agreed agenda. Either create a new all encompassing group, or build off the existing (but fairly unknown) one: Worldwide Coalition for 911 Truth

I just touched on this idea in a previous comment: "I do feel that there should be a more organized approach to 911 truth. Yes, the movement is getting more and more impressively organized, but compared to the perpetrators (gov,media,military,industry), 911 truthers are still relatively rag-tag, with comparably small centralized/agreed-upon directives. (some groups have meetings, that one makes a video, this one trots around with cardboard signs, that one gives a lecture).

PLEASE don't lambaste me for saying this. I am stressing the words "relatively" and "comparably" in regards to the opposition, and NOT saying the 911 movement is overly disorganized. For all its perceived failings, one must admit that whoever committed 911 definitely runs a tight ship, backed by power, influence, and finances which we do not have. Not to mention they can employ a wealth of other tactics (hit pieces, blackmail, counter-intel, media blackouts, death threats) which are not available in our arsenal.

Put simply, I think some MAJOR coordination needs to be installed, with the heads of the 911 groups somehow singularly organizing their focus and consolidating their approach. Spreading randomly like a virus will only go so far, presents many obstacles, and can be combatted more easily than a collective charge."

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How about offering all the victims family members that want a new independant investigation air fare to join you for a video?