LA Weekly: 9/11 Truth and Reconciliation in Tehachapi, CA

9/11: Truth and Reconciliation in Tehachapi

By Adam Gropman
Published on September 08, 2009 at 11:13pm

At the sleepy outdoor market in Tehachapi, about two hours Northeast of L.A., something colorful and a bit visually arresting stands out from the usual array of vendors. It’s the booth of some kind of “9/11 Truth” group. This being mid-2009, and well into an Obama presidency under attack by birthers and deathers and the like, the persistence of these 9/11 truthers can come across as admirable, misguided or perhaps a combination.

The group is called Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and the booth’s proprietor is Scott Beery, an affable, plainspoken salt-of-the-earth guy who lives in Tehachapi, works at Lockheed in Palmdale and happens to be related to actors Wallace Beery and the Noah Beerys, Sr. and Jr. Scott Beery happily answers 9/11-related questions large and small, then eagerly slips DVDs and glossy promo cards into visitors’ hands, charging a small fee for the DVDs, as “9-11 Truth” booths, literature and videos don’t exactly grow on trees. While the Tehachapi event is rather quiet and sparse, it seems that Beery and his booth will be reappearing in upcoming weeks at better-attended outdoor events in the region.

This Thursday Night on the Square is a festive, jam-packed, family-friendly gathering in a gently rolling, tree-lined park in Palmdale. An oldies rock band plays on a stage in the middle, while the outskirts are lined with the kinds of concessions and organizations you’d expect, plus Beery in his open-faced AE911 booth, festooned with professionally made vinyl banners, many of which feature science museum–like inserts explaining the alleged technical impossibility of the “official” 9/11 story, and a couple of large TV monitors showing informational videos.

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