LA Weekly: What Would 9/11 Have Been Like in the Age of Social Media?

What Would 9-11 Be Like in the Age of Social Media?

By Alexia Tsotsis in Tech, iSociety
Friday, Sep. 11 2009 @ 9:02AM

During the President's health care speech two days ago, the shared experience that is the realtime Internet reacted to a perfect Twitter-fodder event -- Joe Wilson's "you lie" outburst -- with a surprising amount of conversation about the real issue in the room, health care reform.

This realtime 24-7 Internet did not exist in 2001. We had the earliest versions of social media, instant messaging and blogs. But we had nowhere near the household use of many-to-many communication channels like Twitter and text messages. For the most part we spent 9-11 watching CNN. The Web in '09 is more about doing rather than watching. Twitter asks, "What are you doing RIGHT NOW?"

A look into the net reaction to more recent disasters offers some clues into what would happen in a 9/11-style attack today. Would Twitter be able to handle the scale? Would we all switch to Facebook? Even if overwhelmed, there's no doubt our real-time communication platforms would provide crucial information on survivors and those looking for loved ones, as Craigslist did after Hurricane Katrina.

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Growth of internet use.

The perpetrators wouldn't have taken into consideration the power of the internet as an alternative media resource.
I agree it would have been a lot more prevalent today but as can be seen by the graph, public use of the internet grew so fast that it likely even took the perpetrators by surprise. Keeping in mind that public internet use was mostly confined to youth and the perps were older and most likely backwards thinking. It would have escaped their imagination. They would have used past examples of controlled media and propaganda as their model and confidently assumed they could control this story as well.
Without the internet the Truth Movement would be no different than the "grassy knoll" people of the 20th century. Information was disseminated through a few books and word of mouth.

Use Facebook

I guess I'm a little slow to the draw, but I just joined Facebook a couple of days ago. Already I have 75 or so friends! This was in the first 2 days. People I used to know, friends of theirs-- it is ridiculous. This is a sensation we should use. Post Charlie's Video message to the President and NYC CAN updates on Facebook, everyone.


Way ahead of you there.
I posted it immediately.