NYC CAN outreach director Manny Badillo on France 24 international news channel

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" Our guests today are Manny Badillo, outreach director of the NYC Coalition for Accountability NOW, and FRANCE 24's correspondent in New York, Nathan King. "

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I wish Manny would not have brought up CIA drug trafficking...

...this is the kind of thing someone might feel strongly about, but putting it out there at the same time as you are forcing poor Mr. Viewer to absorb more belief-shattering facts about 911 is not productive for your presentation.

You have to really argue like a Yale lawyer when you're talking to the media. Because they'll use any scrap you utter to trash your whole credibility. So you don't want to needlessly hand them any extra ammunition.

The newscaster, if you notice, gave her TV audience a sort of high-eyes and then a quick disclaimer; lots of people listening to her show immediately turned off their mental machinery, no doubt.

So even if the CIA actually HAD provably flooded LA with crack, there's no need to complicate your 911 argument with that extraneous fact (which gives your audience an excuse to quit thinking about an uncomfortable thing).

Just a suggestion, to anyone, including myself.

911 is like playing chess.


Manny was doing an excellent job without trying to tie in a possible CIA and drugs issue. It doesn't have a lot of public knowledge or proof for that matter.

While there may be an argument that it seems strange that the poppy crop has been getting larger during the occupation, and Manny and others may not find it hard to believe the CIA and others are behind it, it does bring in an extra hard to verify dimension that allows a viewer hearing this type of thing for the first time to dismiss other much more important information about 911 and more believable motives.

The oil and gas pipeline in Afghanistan and unexplored oil reserves in Iraq motives, are more than sufficient, are highly believable, and probably had a lot more to do with the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan and the need for a pretext like 911 to deceptively gain the support of the public for taking control of these countries.

A lot of people know there is some form of energy crisis, that there is a big grass roots push for Alternative Energies in the United States, and would not find it hard to believe that certain insiders would rather have us fight than for them to switch, so they could maintain their profits as long as possible. However, they would need to deceive most of us into doing so. One way to do that was something like the 911 shock and awe we were forced to experience.

Right on...

I used to work with Manny about 10 years ago, down in Boca Raton with Chris and Rick and Fausto and everyone.

It's strange for me to now see him as such an out-front spokesman for 911 Truth.

But you know... Arguing and debating is sort of like chess - where you have to anticipate future moves and counter-moves. And it's hard enough already to try to change people's minds about 911 or force them into an action they don't want to take in reagrds to it. I want to see Manny kick-butt. So, I'm just saying... Don't make the argument any harder than it has to be.

Tear 'em up, man

Manny! Manny! Manny! Manny!

This interview got a huge rowdy standing ovation from the crowd watching it on 9/12/09 in NYC. I think he did a fantastic job at speaking his mind. I appreciate his hard work and dedication to uncovering and exposing the truth about 9/11.

We watched this on the big

We watched this on the big screen at the WeAreChange events in NYC. The crowd went nuts and Manny received a standing ovation. Manny is a true patriot and an irreplaceable asset to this movement. Way to go Manny, you make us all proud.

"It's not a matter of what is true that counts but a matter of what is perceived to be true." --Henry Kissinger

Thank you, Manny!

This interview is EXCEPTIONAL!!!!!!!