ReOpen911 France Kicks reBUTTal !!

On 9/11/09, ReOpen911 France posted its video rebuttal to France's top cable tv station Canal+'s hit piece "Jeudi Investigation", a 60 Minutes type program but without the journalistic integrity which aired in April 2008. Posted on Friday, the video has already had over 18,500 views!

11 Septembre: Un Jeudi Noir de l'Information
par ReOpen911

The 9/11 Truth Movement in France is propelled by, the French-language website for info into the attacks. The site gets thousands of hits per day and has started to gain some notoriety, which is a blessing and a curse in disguise. We get contacted by journalists preparing pieces on this or that and they need a comment, or some footage or whatever. We oblige, open our doors, answer their questions, give them what they've told us they need. Only to see them disappear and then reappear with the result which is usually a report that does not accurately reflect who we are or what the 9/11 Truth Movement is all about.

The group here in Paris has just published a video rebuttal to an unusually dishonest hit piece that aired on one of France's largest tv stations, Canal+ in April (2008). The show was called "Jeudi Investigation" (Investigation Thursday). ReOpen911 published its film, "11 Septembre: Jeudi Noir de l'Information" (September 11: Black Thursday for Information) in DailyMotion on Friday, September 11. In less that 48 hours, it has already had over 18,500 views.

More than just a simple response, this is essentially a documentary which carefully dismantles the "hit" report, point by point. This video takes the information taken out of context and puts it back where it came from so the viewer can see how the "investigative journalist" is consciously manipulating the info and thus the viewer's perception. The video shows how the "invesigative journalist" purposely mixes up comments, works, and dates, so that when we see, for example, David Ray Griffin saying he thanks Eric Hufschmid for his contributions, and onscreen we also see EH with his purple crown and learn he is a self-proclaimed anti-semite, the viewer is led to believe DRG must be an anti-semite or a nutcase or a nice mix of both. This video rebuttal reestablishes the context so people understand both the truth and the efforts being made to hide it by the "investigative journalist".

The video runs 55 minutes and is mostly in French. Some parts are in English and subtitled in French. Maybe you have friends who speak French who could watch it with you. Whatever the case, I suggest you take a look at it. They play a bit from the hit report aired, then dismantle it carefully presenting the facts, plain and simple. The comments posted so far have all been positive!

ReOpen911 released the video on Friday for another reason. The same dynamic duo that produced the hit piece was about to air another one that evening, in honor of 8th anniversary of Sept 11. I haven't watched the new one. I can do without with the déjà vu.


Everything is OK - Dancing Obama on 9/11 Anniversary - London

Love, joy and laughter opens up the soul.

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Mistaken identity indeed

Um, Randy, I've got one of thee best senses of humor on the planet, but I'm not getting why you felt it appropriate to post this clip as a reply to my post. I'm not against goofy attention-getting, street-performance activism, but I honestly think posting this clip here is off-topic.

I was hoping to generate some global applause for the French team who worked extremely hard to produce a solid, professional response to a very serious hit piece.

C'est la vie.

The french media

is as co-opted as the American media. Unfortunately, that response video will not be broadcast but it's good to hear it's getting a lot of views. Like the NatGeo hit piece here, the NWO gets the air time. The bright side is, they are keeping 9/11 in the viewers maid and no matter how much they smear us, some will become curious and look at the evidence. Once they take the red pill, there's no going back. Bring it on! we can only win converts.

Viva la reopen911France! Keep on kickin reBUTTal!

my apologies

off-topic, made worse by the fact that mine was the first reply to your blog. Was looking to post on a 9/11 anniversary topic and thought ... London, France, Europe .. ok. Sorry. Your rebuttal piece looks very nice indeed. Is there an English or sub-titled version?

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.

Please BUTT out, Randy

No, the vid is not subtitled yet, but it's only a matter of time. Even without the ST, I think people can learn a lot from the presenation, the choice of music, etc. It's hard not to take it seriously, which just serves to increase our credibility, which now more than ever, it super important.


Hey, Randy, would you be a pal, please and do what you can to get your admittedly off-topic video off my post? Seeing a naked man in the street just doesn't fit one bit.


I was enjoying

myself until I saw the Obama "Socialism" sign. I think "Fascism" would be more accurate... In the U.S., other than a few social services like Medicare and unemployment ins. (which the tea baggers would never give up) designed to benefit the public/the commons....we all know when it comes to Wall Street, the losses are socialized, and the profits are privatized.

"Truthers" are on both the left and right of the political spectrum. I happen to be a progressive...a Kucinich supporter. Frankly, as a women who grew up in the 50's and 60's, I think it is important to merge the anti-war movement with the 9/11 truth movement...I just wish we could agree to disagree with some of our religious/economic beliefs and find common ground.


double entry...

Oh how I

hope it is there will be a version with English subtitles.

(here ya go)

I don't think that's it. What have I started?

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention.