Rep. Sam Farr (D-CA) Questioned About Sibel Edmonds at Town Hall Meeting

Representative Sam Farr is questioned at his most recent town hall meeting about vaccines, prolonged detention, and whistleblower Sibel Edmonds.

Representative Sam Farr (D - CA)

It's all about planting seeds.

It's all about planting seeds. In this case, maybe more so with those in the audience.

Without context, it's hard to say, but it was interesting to me just how quickly Farr closed the TH meeting after being asked those three questions.

Had he been 'rattled"?

From this camera angle, it seems as though there is only one oher person wishing to ask a question. Courtesy would dictate one final quick question from her or an apology that he just didn't have the time to do it.

In the clip we see, he just ignores her.


Allow me to add a bit of context here. This was Farr's last town hall, and it was his second appearance in Monterey, where the second appearance was only added after the first appearance had an overcapacity crowd. The town hall was scheduled to end at noon and he let it go until about 12:15pm. A few minutes before the video started, Mr. Farr stated that he would allow 2 more questions and the one featured here ended up being the 2nd question. Also, what you cannot see in the video is another line for questions on the other side of the room. So even though the question was not responded to adequately, I would not say Mr. Farr was trying to cut and run. On a side note, I had a really good written question but unfortunately he never got to it.