The Real News Network now covering some 911 news

Many have not heard of the Real News Network.

A few months ago I wrote to them requesting they cover 9/11 stories such as the nano-thermite paper. They replied that there is only so much they can cover as they are small, underfunded etc. I read between the lines and figured they are afraid to cover 9/11 for fear of losing subscribers and or being lumped in with conspiracy theorists. They bill themselves as an online TV network with aspirations of becoming big-time on cable. Until now, it is my belief that they have systematically excluded 9/11 news just like the major media, however, if you look at the stories, they do cover much in-depth news that the major media won't, such as the real issues behind the health care debate, the real story of the coup in Honduras, Israeli war crimes, etc. I watch their interviews because I get a lot of information I get no where else.

This morning I noticed for the first time, three 9/11 stories. One from Russia Today on NYCCAN, one from the Asia Times by Pepe Escobar on 50 questions about 9/11, and one titled: Ray McGovern Warns of 2 CIAs. This seems to be a lifting of the prohibition. It's possible I've missed others in the past, but this looks to me like a change in editorial policy. They request donations to help them get off the ground and now that they have started covering 9/11 news, I plan to send them some, though you don't need to do that to view their stories. I suggest we all write to them to thank them for this new direction and encourage them to cover even more.

From their contact page...

For general inquiries about The Real News, email:

Here's the email I sent to Real News

I thought you might like to know, I sent you my first donation today. Sorry I could only afford $25 as, like many others these days, I am struggling to keep my head above water financially. And you want to know why I donated to Real News today? It was because The Real News appears to have finally screwed up its courage and is apparently ready to start taking on the issues surrounding 9/11 and the unanswered questions that the gutless (or bought off) mainstream media is much too scared to touch. I am referring to your posting of the Russia Today interview on the NYCCAN initiative. I had emailed you about a month or so ago requesting that you devote some time to these issues and never got a response, so I am glad to see that you are finally going where the mainstream media fears to tread.

I am on a very limited budget, so I have determined that to make my donation dollars count, I will only donate to web sites that are not too scared or too obtuse to air the issues surrounding 9/11 that the rest of the media and our politicians are desperately trying to to leave buried and out of sight.

Now how about a story on the discovery of the high tech explosive nano-thermite in the WTC dust by scientists Steven Jones and Neils Harrit et al. Here is a link to a debate between Steven Jones and some skeptical Norwegian Scientists. Those scientists questioning Jones/Harrit appear to have retired from the field. Perhaps you can get hold of them and ask them if they are still skeptical of the nano-thermite theory, and if they are, will they be responding to Jones and Harrit with further critiques of their nano-thermite paper.

Here's the link

With many thanks,

The video they give out

to people who join features Ray McGovern, so they should at least be covering 9/11 skepticism as far as he is willing to go.

I also emailed them about a month ago with a similar request.

I asked them why they did not cover the discovery of nano-thermite in the WTC dust and why they were avoiding covering the issues being raised about 9/11 unanswered questions and the evidence pointing to some type of ongoing coverup. They never replied to me, but maybe thev''ve been getting a few emails along similar lines recently.

I think it would also be a good idea for us to comment on these stories when they do appear at Real News as it will be another indication to them that there are viewers out there interested in these issues and provide some motivation to keep covering the topic. Here is a link to the Russia Today clip about NYCCAN posted at Real News:

It only has a few comments so far from Real News subscribers. If you haven't registered with them yet, consider doing so (it's free), so that you can post comments when they cover 9/11 related topics like this. Also you can sign up for their email news bulletins so that you will be aware if/when they cover a 9/11 issue again.