Todd and Lisa Beamer make a bundle?

Has anyone have any knowledge regarding these claims made in a comment by poster "Henry Kissinger" on a hit piece in the examiner ( ):

"Henry Kissinger says:
Todd Beamer's memorial service was held on 09/16/01 at the Princeton Alliance Church in Plainsboro, New Jersey. Todd Beamer's wife, Lisa Beamer, a grieving mother of two and four months pregnant with her third child, registers TODDBEAMER.ORG four days later on 09/20/01, incorporates The Todd M. Beamer Memorial Foundation eight days later on 9/24/01 and then applies for the trademark "Let's Roll" ten days later on 9/26/01. Instead of acting like a wife and mother who should be experiencing untold grief, shock, and loss, her behavior turns a catastrophic personal tragedy into a cold and calculating cheap publicity stunt. But then the U S Government's propaganda machine needed heroes as well as villains paraded through the media for their 9/11 conspiracy theory.

Considering that Todd and Lisa Beamer purchased their home in Cranbury, NJ, for $699,900 on 07/20/2000, it was interesting to note that they paid off their mortgage two weeks before 9/11 on 08/27/2001.
September 13, 8:22 PM

The hit piece is as bad as they come. There are a fair number of comments, many taking the writer to task.

What was more interesting to me was information suggesting that Lisa Beamer did not act much like a grieving widow. I don't remember encountering this before.