Star Wars Troofer

Nice writing in this satire about Star Wars stormtroopers discussing their version of 911. Suggests cognitive dissonance and mind control. An intelligent and funny scene. Would embed the video if knew how, but here's the link:

We have ways of making you smirk

Luke blew up the death star, so this video is very much OCT, and mocks those who would question.

Also the term 'Troofer' was coined because it's hard to pretend 'truth' (or a 'truther') is bad thing, so maybe we shouldn't use it.

Maybe it is funny, I wouldn't know as I have no sense of humor.

The deathstar never really existed.

We saw Luke shoot at the death star and blow it up, and we saw airplanes hit WTC1&2 resulting in their exploding into powder and molten steel.

We know the first event was 100% fiction (courtesy George Lucas' special effects); how much of the WTC OCT is fictional? "Connor" in the video makes a compelling case, scores some points. The rebuttal is a typical avoidance of that compelling case, i.e., "no-one wants to hear this crap" which scores zero points in a rational debate.

Look, I do see your point about the mockery but it cuts both ways because in the end the OCT stormtroopers are just as easily contolled by the bartender. The message is humbling: be careful to think for oneself and do not be unduly influenced by those with profits to make.

In any event, the video does not warrant much attention, especially relative to the other events: Sheen, Griffin's WTC 7 etc., and the monthly Truth Actions. (See, I can pretend to have no sense of humor too.)

As for Troofer or Twoofer, I agree, they are ridiculous terms that undermine the essence of our seeking the truth.

Thanks for your comments.


Can't believe they didn't think of that one.

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