Film Critic Reviews Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

On September 11, 2009, the Mayfair Theatre screened the Canadian theatrical premiere of Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup. After the film, Lee Demarbre, owner of the Mayfair and a film critic and filmmaker in his own right, talks about what he thought of the movie.

Many thanks to Microcinema International, the Loose Change team, and the Mayfair for making this event possible.


If Not Me? Who? If Not Now? When?

Insidious intrusion

Whilst I agree with the reviewer that "An American Coup" is the best of the Loose Change movies — and indeed I think it will make a great contribution to the fight for truth — the background 'beat' is not only intrusive, but totally inappropriate for what was a tragedy of epic proportions. Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings" would have been far more appropriate.
And to cap it all, this video review was complete with background 'beat'. Are people so addicted to background beat that their brains stop working in its absence?

I haven't seen

"An American Coup"..but I am sorry to hear they used background music with a "beat"..I find it be distracting and a bit cheesy......I agree with Martin. There is an excellent 9/11 video (short...maybe) I am unable to find that used ..I believe Scottish music...not just bag orchestra...

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Allow the director to clarify.

The first three Loose Change films had what could be considered "background music with a beat"

The music in this fourth film is a lot different, and is in fact composed by one individual, much more cinematic and orchestral in nature. Certainly there's some hip hop elements to it, and there's still one or two "beats" in the film. But, Loose Change has never been scored by classical music, and it's not about to start now. If it was, I'm sorry to say, not a lot of people would watch them.

Don't get me wrong, I love classical music. I played a lot of Mozart on my Casio when I was a kid.

I saw the L.A. premiere and the music is a lot less intrusive.

I think the soundtrack has improved considerably.

Dylan is there still an option to watch with the beat turned off like in Final Cut?

It's much improved and I hope that it gets promoted widely. Daniel Sunjata did an amazing job with the voice-over.


And, sadly, we didn't get a chance to do that this time around. The DVD authoring and mastering was handled by my distribution team, and the deadline axe was coming down so they didn't have time to include that option.

Yer still a kid:-)

At what age does one stop being a kid?


The track in the background of this video is from the end credits of the film, so it is meant as a tie-in to an official, Microcinema-endorsed screening. It's quiet enough not to overpower the speaker, so it is by no means "intrusive" or "inappropriate." As for the music in the film itself, this track by Remo Conscious is the only hip-hop song in the film. It was professionally scored, and while it is done with synthesizers instead of an orchestra, I found the music appropriate to the mood of the film, and the tone was respectful of the subject matter. I would suggest that if you would like to see a 9/11 truth film scored by an orchestra, go out and get the budget and make the film, because I'm sure we'd all like to see a really big budget production like that. This film had a miniscule budget, and I think they acheived quite a lot with the money they had.

As for the criticism that the reviewer didn't say much, well, he had another film to get going, and only had a couple of minutes to talk to us. In the time he had, he gave a positive review, with constructive comments and appropriate comparisons. For something that happened off-the-cuff and in a moment of stress, I think it's a great review. We're working on getting some more reviews by other local and national critics, but at least Mr. Demarbre was willing to give it a go! Most critics and journalists won't even respond to our messages, and one local newspaper was only too willing to attack us without even watching the film! (see my previous blog posting) Canada, especially Ottawa, seems determined to stay asleep, and I'm really thankful that there are people like Mr. Demarbre around willing to use their platform to give our cause a chance.

To Purchase a Copy....

think about getting a copy of the real deal. Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup

I ordered when it was first announced!

I'm looking forward to it and the Bonus disc.
Coming very soon.


I understand . You need to make money too. However your day is coming. Put this out on the internet for free.
You will reap the rewards of your efforts as an American Hero.

Um ...

I don't believe I've ever said or implied in any way that this edition was about making money. Why do you think I made sure that a percentage was legally going to non-profit organizations like the Feal Good Foundation?

This film is picked up by a legitimate, mainstream distribution network. They, and I, understand the desire for a free internet release, but at the same time, they need to do their job.

Honestly ...

... if you really want to watch the film for free, right away, you know where to look.


........Thanks. And i really do want to watch it right away

It's worth it

Honestly this film is worth every penny. It's a bargain, really. It's a great tool for waking up new people and like Lee mentions in the film review, it's very mature and will be taken seriously by a wide audience. If you really can't wait, indeed, it won't be hard to find out there; but buy it anyway, so that you have something high quality to show your family and friends. The CG is awesome, and worth paying to see in full quality.

I am not complaining about $$$$

That point is getting the message to the masses,

What's the problem some of you have with the background...

What's the problem some of you have with the background music? It really is very unobtrusive and if your paying attention to the movie anyway you don't even notice it, I certainly didn't notice it while I was watching the movie, and I don't like hip hop music.

So is there a real point behind your dislike of the background music?

As for Dylan putting the movie up on the internet for free, I think Microcinema might have something to say about that. There is likely a contract that Dylan signed that does not allow him to put it up on the internet for free. I'm just taking a wild guess at that, and I agree it would be great to put it up on the internet for free, I just don't think that's going to happen. I'm happy to be proved wrong on this though :)