US national security IS NOT threatened by Afghanistan

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The wars formerly known as “Terror” were not in response to any documented national security threat from Iraq, Afghanistan, or Iran. In fact, all 16 US intelligence agencies have repeated that THERE IS NO NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT from any of the nations the US has illegally invaded or threatened to invade.

Given all US intelligence agencies agree there is no national security threat, and the rules of war demand a nation be either under attack or imminent threat, or authorized by the UN Security Council to use force, President Obama and the “leadership” of both parties continue impeachment-level lies to the American public in ongoing Wars of Aggression.

And yes, it is just that simple. The rules for war are meant to be clear. Iraq did not attack the US. Afghanistan did not attack the US (their government volunteered to help capture Osama bin Laden immediately upon presentation of evidence that he was involved in any crime. The US refused and invaded). The UN did not authorize force. The Secretary General of the UN stated unequivocally of the US wars: "I have indicated it was not in conformity with the UN charter. From our point of view and from the charter point of view it was illegal."

The costs of these criminal wars are $3 to $5 TRILLION in long-term costs, up to 30,000 Afghan civilian deaths to date with perhaps a multiple of ten suffering injuries, who knows how many bearing the burden of killed and injured loved-ones, and whatever blowback will occur in the future from our renaming “Freedom Fighters” we supported in the Reagan era to “terrorists” we attack in fear today (see 1-minute video below).

The chair of the Joint Chiefs testified to Congress today that “success” in Afghanistan requires more US troops and “certainly much more time.” Senator McCain Orwell-spoke that each day we wait to send more US troops to Afghanistan to put their lives in danger, “puts lives in danger.” President Obama defended the strategy of war to produce peace and happiness by saying, "You never step into the same river twice. And so Afghanistan is not Vietnam." I think the president is absolutely correct with my observations about stepping into the same river for a second time: the experience is not quite the same, only about 99%. Polling data also show American support for this war is at its lowest: 58% disapprove and 39% approve.

This is in contrast to strategy that a Department of Peace might suggest: national security is a function of cooperation, justice, dignity, and freedom. This is also in contrast for the US to fully fund UN Millennium Goals with less than one percent of our income to end all forms of poverty and save a million children’s lives every month. No, more combat troops for more time is certainly the better strategy for long-term peace.

And I told you so: I informed you that the Obama administration continues fascist policies of unlimited detention. Yesterday they formally argued in federal court to preserve that interpretation as legal.

The following two videos: a 1-minute historical irony how President Reagan praised the Afghan people for resisting invasion, and a 4-minute blistering analysis from Congressman Ron Paul on escalating US war in Afghanistan.

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