The World Radio Premiere of Loose Change 9/11 An American Coup

The World Radio Premiere of "Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup" Beneath the Surface with Roseanne Barr airs TODAY September 16, 2009 for KPFK's Fall Fundrive at 5PM PST. Clips from the documentary will be played during traffic hour, so if you're sitting in your car, don't miss out. KPFK 90.7FM LOS ANGELES - HEARD WORLDWIDE at http://www.KPFK.ORG. Please re-post this blog, so we can spread the word faster and your friends can listen in on time too!

This is BIG, I'm Listening.

If Not Me? Who? If Not Now? When?

Did anyone record this

for posterity? Saw this posted on FB but forgot about it :(

In Their Own Words


Thank you very much.

In Their Own Words



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