Power to the Peaceful Concert , 09/12/09

Edit: Pictures of the event below.

Hello to all the A&E members and non-members out spreading the Good word.

Hundreds of regular folks got to view the 'Architects & Engineers 911 Project Booth' at the 'Power to the Peaceful' concert event,
on Saturday the 12th at the Golden Gate park in downtown San Francisco.
The Booth looked better than ever this time with the additions of a couple of new banners and improvements to the TV display-side.

Tania Torres , Scott Sheckman , Dana Carson , and Brian Good were helping me get people to drop into the Booth on a regular basis.
This event went on for 8 plus hours, and was the most successful outside Booth event we've been deployed at to date !

Carol Brouillet was right next door withe the " Northern California Truth Alliance " passing out Truth & Cookies.
And spreading the word about NYC-CAN petition drive , now with 80.000 plus signatures.

We sold over 30 abridged Blueprint for the Truth DVD's at 5 dollars, and gave away a few freebees, And passed out a mountain of information and literature.
This concept can be replicated and reproduced around the country by enthusiastic volunteers anywhere. And should easily be done so.
I'll be posting more of how you can get a booth like this going in your own hometown, and the different materials you need for the project.
A Great deal of credit goes to Joe Heller of Grapic Graphics of Atlanta Ga.
Joe is A&E's banner maker / Thanks for all your help JOE

Look for future updates in the A&E 911 Truth Newsletter.

Thanks for all the Great Help - and a super weekend of Truth Telling at Golden Gate Park.

Scott Beery

Ready booth's; Just add people

I agree that this is a great way to get the message out to many people, especially those that have their interest piqued. Flea Markets. Set up a booth and the people will come. Michael White

Thank You. I love to see these stories.

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