9/11 Truth Skeptic Hornberger Challenges Krauthammer on Operation Northwoods

Jacob Hornberger is the founder and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation. In a new editorial at LewRockwell.com (Operation Northwoods and the 9/11 Truthers), he admits that he believes Operation Northwoods is a valid historical fact; and he challenges neocon Charles Krauthammer as follows:

"How about it, Krauthammer? How about explaining your shock and outrage about the 9/11 Truthers to the Washington Post's readers in the context of a discussion about Operation Northwoods? I’m sure lots of people (including me) – would love to read your explanation."

Yes, that is an encouraging challenge; however, regrettably, Hornberger pulls his own version of a Krauthammer in the same editorial. It reads as follows:

"One possible reason for Krauthammer’s reaction [to 9/11 Truthers' claims] is that he simply isn’t convinced by the evidence that the Truthers have produced to make their case. Personally, this is the category I fall into. ... The 9/11 attacks were "blowback" from U.S. foreign policy. The 9/11 Truthers have not convinced me otherwise."

Do you see how Mr. Hornberger conveniently zeroes in only on the "government-did-it" aspect of the 9/11 Truth movement while completely ignoring the overwhelming physical and circumstantial evidence that destroys the official story? I don't know if he does that intentionally or out of naivety. In fact, I wonder if Mr. Hornberger has even studied the evidence in enough detail to form an intelligent opinion. He certainly wants us to believe that he has.

In order to better understand Mr. Hornberger's thought processes, I would like to ask him a question similar to the one he asks Mr. Krauthammer:

"How about it, Hornberger? How about explaining your blanket dismissal of all '9/11 Truther's claims in the context of a public discussion of, say for instance, WTC 7? I’m sure lots of people (including me) would love to hear your explanation."

Hornberger is a good guy

He's one of the most principled minarchists that I know.

Believe It Or Not, I Agree

I think very highly of Mr. Hornberger and all the columnists at LRC. I read them every day. Several of them clearly appear to side with the 9/11 Truth Movement, even if they don't admit it in plain English. It is precisely because I think very highly of Mr. Hornberger that I am very disappointed by his oversimplified blanket dismissal of the entire Truth Movement; and my disappointment shows in my blog post. I expect oversimplified dismissals from the neocons and their sock puppets in the corporate media (their dismissals don't even phase me anymore); but I don't expect such dismissals from scholarly intellectuals who are supposed to be famous for their open-minded research skills and adherence to the facts (not to mention their distrust of the federal government), regardless of where those facts take them. If Mr. Hornberger truly has done his research on 9/11, as he implies that he has, then he has to know that there are innumerable physical, scientific and circumstantial facts that put the lie to the official story, regardless of who the guilty parties may actually be. If that is the case, then he should have just remained silent instead of making his oversimplified dismissal of the Truth Movement's claims (claims that he does not list, by the way). If, on the other hand, he hasn't studied the evidence, then A.) he shouldn't give us the impression that he has and that it has left him unconvinced, and/or B.) he should accept the challenge to discuss WTC 7 (among other topics) with experts within the 9/11 Truth Movement (such as Richard Gage, for example).

P.S. My rewording of Mr. Hornberger's challenge to Mr. Krauthammer and turning it back upon Mr. Hornberger was the best way I could think of (at 1 AM) to show him that he is painting the entire Truth Movement with a broad brush, just as Krauthammer is doing.