KBDI Historic Airings of 9-11 Documentaries Draws Media Attention

current magazine 911 article

Recent airings by KBDI-TV Channel 12 in Denver C0lorado of important documentaries such as 911 Press For Truth, 911 Blueprint For Truth and America Freedom to Fascism has received substantial mainstream media attention, first, here in the Denver Post hit piece from August 21, 2009.

Current Magazine, public broadcasting’s monthly newspaper, has now given this bold move by KBDI some well deserved attention in its September 8, 2009 issue. This article is much more balanced than Joanne Ostrow's smear of the movement and is more in line with real journalism that is so lacking in today's mainstream media. Thank you to Current Magazine!

Current Mag 9-08-09 article

KBDI has also announced that there will be several encore presentations of these films in the month of September. Times and dates are below.

Everyone is urged to show KBDI how much you appreciate their programing by donating anytime online! Be sure to link your contribution to one of these films to receive the gifts KBDI offers for your pledge.


Thursday September 17
8:30 PM 911 Blueprint for Truth

Friday September 18, 2009
2:30 AM America: Freedom to Fascism

Saturday September 19, 2009
1:00 AM 911 Blueprint for Truth
3:00 AM 911 Press For Truth

2:30 PM America: Freedom to Fascism
5:30 PM 911 Blueprint for Truth
7:30 PM 911 Press For Truth
10:30 PM America: Freedom to Fascism

Sunday September 20, 2009
1:30 AM America: Freedom to Fascism

4:00 PM 911 Press For Truth
7:00 PM America: Freedom to Fascism

11:00 PM 911 Blueprint for Truth

Monday September 21, 2009
1:00 AM 911 Blueprint for Truth

This is fantastic news!

I will be sure to contact KBDI and thank them for their courage and offer a small contribution.

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves" – Edward R. Murrow


To everyone involved.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

I've emailed Joanne Ostrow

and invited her to actually watch these shows tomorrow vs. simply commenting on a comment. (A gentleman wrote that he had revoked his membership in disguest at the airing of such shows. Of course, that comment could just as likely have been a plant, as not being one. She grabbed onto it, regardless.

The more invitations she recieves the better ..and the more warmly welcomed she will feel.

Joanne Ostrow: 303-954-1830 or jostrow@denverpost.com

She drew a circle to shut us out -
Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout;
But love and us had the wit to win,
We drew a circle that took her in.

- Edwin Markham, adapted (1852-1940)

ps ::

I just called her voicemail (Denver Post), too, to invite her. I tried to be very welcoming.

The more "truthers" she hears from - at any time - who are, as we typically are, kind, intelligent patriots, the sooner she may realize that the truth movement is hardly a bunch of miscreants.

It becomes much less threatening for people to support and/or join us, if they understand that we are sincere, earnest, and honest.