More good news from the KBDI station out of Denver Colorado. 9/11: Blueprint for Truth with Richard Gage airs tomorrow Sept.19th

9/11: Blueprint for Truth with Richard Gage, AIA
Saturday, September 19 at 5:30 pm on Channel 12 / 12.1

Here's the full schedule for Saturday Sept. 19th, 2009:

2:30 pm America: Freedom to Fascism
5:30 pm 9/11: Blueprint for Truth with Richard Gage, AIA
7:30 pm 9/11 Press For Truth
10:30 pm America: Freedom to Fascism
1:30 am America: Freedom to Fascism

This is great news and how the job is going to get done. Thank you KBDI in Denver and all those responsible for making this happen.

The little station that could!

..Thanks for the info Orangutan. This is what a news station should be. Thanks KDBI

It's also a good sign that...

When the stations such as KBDI out in Colorado need fund raising drives, they turn to 9/11 Truth.
This also occurred with KPFK out of California recently.
And someone was mentioning is having trouble with fund raising and have since turned a bit to truth as well.
And of course Ron Paul was the first to make such a realization with his historic money bombs and online fund raising etc.

Please remove....

KBDI's contact information from this post. We have been asked by the station not to post their contact information as the volume of calls and emails is overwhelming their small staff and has become a burden to the station. They know we are out there and all of the emails and phone calls is actually working against us. Thanks, Michael, Colorado 9-11 Visibility

You guys are doing a great

You guys are doing a great job Michael! It would be great if campaigns like yours could be organized all across the country.

Viewer Buzz

I was looking at the "viewer buzz" page and at first I thought this was a response by a viewer to them showing 9/11 challenges, but then I realized it wasn't . . .

"I would like to express my disgust with your new program schedule. I have a 20 month old son that loves watching Thomas and Friends in the mornings during the week. I was truely upset when I turned on the T.V. at 9:30am on Monday morning to see a different program was on. Shame on you. Thomas the train is more popular than ever. To reward many kids, mine including, you pull Thomas and Freinds off the air. I was considering membership to your station simply because I enjoy watching Thomas and Friends, and I get total enjoyment when I see my kids face light up when Thomas is on T.V. Now I have nothing to contribute to your station, because I will not watch KBDI anymore. PUT THOMAS AND FRIENDS BACK ON THE AIR WEEKDAY MORNINGS!!!!! THANK YOU. Ryan S"

New Video from August 15

Special thanks to John Michael Talboo for pulling this together.....more to come!