Santa Barbara Independent cover story: "Engineers and Architects Argue About What Made the World Trade Center Fall"

There is a balanced article on 9/11 (as opposed to a hit piece) currently appearing in this week's (Sept17-24) Santa Barbara Independent, a free weekly with an audited readership of about 120,000. (Authors: Jay Levin and Tom McKenzie).



One of the crucial technical disputes in American history, perhaps second only to global warming, is underway. It pits hundreds of government technicians who say the World Trade Center buildings were brought down by airplane impact against hundreds of professional architects and building engineers who insist that the Twin Towers could never have collapsed solely due to the planes and are calling for a new independent investigation. It is a fight that is not going away and is likely to get louder as more building trade professionals sign on to one side or the other.

Better than anyone, David Ray Griffin understands the “enormous importance” of Richard Gage, the Bay Area architect and staunch Republican who founded Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911 Truth). Griffin, the controversial retired Santa Barbara philosophy professor/theologian (Claremont School of Theology), is regarded as the leading investigative force within what is called the 9/11 Truth movement, with seven 9/11 books to his credit, including his bestseller The New Pearl Harbor. Although sometimes challenged (about accuracy), until Gage appeared, Griffin found his greatest stumbling block in public appearances to be this question: If his analysis was true — that two planes could not have brought down three World Trade Center (WTC) buildings without the aid of pre-planted explosives — why didn’t a single U.S. architect or building engineer publicly support him? Now, in three years, Gage has signed up 804 architects and structural engineers, some from top firms, who challenge the official version of the buildings’ collapses.

Notably, the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division has acknowledged that AE911’s core evidence deserves — and will get — FBI scrutiny. In a December 2008 letter, Assistant Director Michael J. Heimbach assessed AE911’s presentation as “backed by thorough research and analysis.”


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Very well written article. An inroad against mainstream media.

This is real reporting. Thrilled to see a publication such as this take the lead. Mentioning the subject of 9/11 Truth in such a long article should help to prompt some readers to investigate for themselves.


The article claims that "hundreds" of "technicians" support NIST's theories. Do these people have names? I've only ever seen a handful of "experts" with the audacity to lend their names to the magical collapse hypothesis. Conversely, over eight hundred professionals have signed on to AE911truth. What is the actual breakdown in numbers?

Kind of like the "hundreds"

Kind of like the "hundreds" of south side witnesses at the Pentagon. ;-)

But I digress.

From their contact page...


Good point.

Didn't mention NIST admitting freefall..

I am a little disappointed he didn't mention that NIST admitted free-fall, I'd like to see what the NIST spokesman has to say about that? Otherwise this was pretty fair article. As long as the piece was, it still misses dozens of NIST contradictions, personal eyewitnesses like Barry Jenning, William Rodriguez, Joe Casciolla (I may be butchering the last name there)

I looked for what the Mark Roberts website the author linked to had to say about the freefall and not a link worked. Videos have been taken down. I wonder if threw his hands up after that one. Can't have people reading those supporting so-called scientific papers by bazant or mackey... ugh.. they are a stretch. Reading those papers convinced me more that the towers were demolitioned. What can you say about 2.25secs/105ft of freefall (gravitational acceleration.. laughable). That defies physics and make the entire NIST report invalid. And soon other scientists will be publishing about nano-thermite in the dust, what then? The author is right about one thing, it will turn this country on its head. But I think it was turned on its head some time ago and God willing 9/11 Truth will set it right. It won't be easy but the consequences of not confronting the truth about 9/11 I fear will be far greater.

Together in truth

peace all

"...the north face descended at gravitational acceleration, as the buckled columns provided negligible support to the upper portion of the north face. This free fall drop continued for approximately 8 stories or 105 ft...2.25 seconds"