An attack on Iran from US and/or Israel is a WAR OF AGGRESSION

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Thousands of mainstream media articles are discussing a US and/or Israel attack of Iran. They discuss “inevitable conflict,” “crippling sanctions against Iran,” “Iran getting the bomb,” “Israel acting in its own defense,” “Iran attacking American targets,” and Iran’s scary-sounding “nuclear program.” Let’s review the facts and the law, with these topics explained in detail through the links.

1.The same government and mainstream media that lied its way into American hearts and minds to invade Iraq and Afghanistan is the source of the information. Beware.

2.Iran has treaty rights to develop nuclear energy. The US cooperated with Iran to acquire it until they deposed the CIA-installed dictator in 1979. If the US and/or Israel were really concerned, they should follow the Non-Proliferation Treaty terms that fully monitor all enrichment facilities. The treaty has a perfect performance record for over 40 years with zero violations of enrichment beyond energy-grade material.

3.Iran never threatened Israel. Take five minutes to read President Ahmadinejad’s speech for yourself to confirm that US political “leaders” are lying that Iran threatened to “wipe Israel off the map.” If you’re not already awake to the monumental lies you’re being fed, this five minute confirmation will open your eyes.

4.Attacking other countries that do not attack you is illegal. It’s the worst crime a nation can commit. It’s mass murder on the most horrific scale. It’s a War of Aggression.

Compare these two articles and see which attracts you: an “attack Iran” piece from the Wall Street Journal, and former Reagan Administration official Paul Craig Roberts asking why crippling sanctions aren’t being discussed for the US and Israel since they are the ones in violation of law, not Iran.

The following 4-minute video is a brilliant example of mainstream media propaganda to bullshit you into supporting war against Iran. Please watch it to confirm this fact for yourself. BTW, I use the term "bullshit" in its academic sense from Princeton professor Harry Frankfurt's 2005 Bestseller with that title.

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Nice, simple, well said. And here is the video re disinformation

And here is Ahmadinejad and the Rabbis video: