WeAreChangeLA Confronts 9/11 Commissioner Richard Ben Veniste

9/11 Commissioner Richard Ben Vineste attends a book signing in Los Angeles, only to be confronted by WeAreChangeLA about his role in the treasonous cover-up of 9/11.


"wow that guy's not doing anymore book signings, not

in this town" that says it all ! Nice work as always WACLA, you've made my day.

WOW! That guy ain't gonna


That guy ain't gonna leave his house anymore.

Stellar execution.

We have Founding Fathers material amongst us. Bless the righteous and all Patriots.

that line

that line was from Paul Wittenberger, who also held one of the cameras, asked about Building7 inside, and edited the video.

With you in the struggle,
WeAreChangeLA - http://www.wacla.org

R. Ben-Veniste: "When you impinge on other people's rights..."

Interesting comment from Richard Ben-Veniste in this clip....

"I know you guys have an open mind about this. The more you find out, the more we'll all find out.

I respect your right, your First Amendment rights but......

when you impinge on other people's rights, then you are INTRUSIVE."

Does it not seem to be that citizens deserve to have the fullest account possible provided about 9/11 since 9/11 has been used for the pretext for war without end?

Does it seem that NOT having the fullest account possible IMPINGES on the rights of citizens who pay the salaries of what is purported to be a servant government?


That was a class act, WACLA! Made my day too.

You can see the look of sheer guilt on Mr. Ben-Veniste's face.

I think the book store employees were torn between their job and secretly supporting WACLA and wanting the questioning to go on.

Nice work!!!


The most severe form of learning disorders are owned by those that "already know everything."

Notice how they don't call

you a holocaust denier in person. If Mr. Ben-Veniste played that card you could simply ask him if his fellow commissioners are holocaust deniers?

Or if the majority of New Yorkers are holocaust deniers? Or if scientists are holocaust deniers?

For it seems that a demand for a new investigation is the only qualifier based on Chertoff's logic. Guess that term if for the TV, not face-to-face.

May I suggest

you first approach these people with questions, before making accusations? You won't get anything out of them if you simply attack them from the outset.

Do you really expect

Do you really expect to get any truth out of this guy? He cracked under pressure and that's a good thing. He is a traitor, and I was happy to call him on that.

With you in the struggle,
WeAreChangeLA - http://www.wacla.org


Who is Orangutan?

With you in the struggle,
WeAreChangeLA - http://www.wacla.org

I agree

not knocking what you guys did at all, it was awesome... but if you talk to them like you're their buddy, they're more likely to spill something juicy which we can use...

great job... cheers!

Plenty of time for Questions.

Ben Veniste has had plenty of time to answer questions when the 9/11's victim's families were asking them, he chose to not swim upstream or just didn't care. Max Cleland at least wasn't going to take part of the coverup, called it as such and quit. Do you see the difference between "Patriot Cleland" and "Traitor Veniste". Michael White

i am with you trutheronboard

buddying up to this traitor will accomplish nothing. in this video you see him crack when confronted with the word treason.

With you in the struggle,
WeAreChangeLA - http://www.wacla.org

More questions, please

Confronting these people with the fact that large numbers of people know that treason is being covered up and they're complicit is good. I understand your anger, and it was cool seeing Ben-Veniste start to lose it- but know that when people who are unfamiliar with the evidence and the Commission's dissembling see this video, some are going to be put off by the hostility and accusations. Ben-Veniste mostly remained calm, and many of the questioners were calm and respectful as well.

Getting this guy- and any other insider- on video with their response (or lack of response) to unanswered questions, or questions about their role, etc. would be very helpful- you might get info, or possibly an incriminating statement. Doing a search of their names on http://www.historycommons.org will turn up a lot of ideas for questions.

Technically, WTC 7 was in the report; it was acknowledged the OEM was there- but there was no mention of it's collapse. Ben Veniste's answer as to why the collapse wasn't noted, was they left the structural analysis to (NIST)- lame. Would have been interesting to hear if he had seen video of it, and if he saw any similarities between it and video of controlled demolitions.

All that said, WACLA has guts and a good work ethic to be attending all these events and putting out these videos.


Best I've seen.

Nailed hard !! (Great punch line at the end!!)

"It is you who are the torch-bearers with respect to that truth.... ...Steel your spines. Inspire your children. Then when the moment is right, rise again...." W PEPPER
North Texans for 9/11 Truth

"As soon as we find out who did it....

At 6:40 Ben Veniste states "As soon as we find out who did it, were going to understand all of the conspiracies.. alright" Boy I and I'm sure so many have thought this and can and are putting the pieces together. On what side of the coin is he talking about.

On what side of the coin is he talking about?

Makes you wonder what a polite straightforward presentation of the free fall acceleration of WTC 7 and the presence of nano-thermite might have netted.

What we've gotten for 8 years!

It's time for the hard questions be answered and being polite is not such a great avenue at this point. Fuck you very much,although with a smile is still.... well, you know. What are we up against? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KT5JZVUKPrs. Michael White

Rude v Polite

It's always time to be polite. Being rude turns off the other people listening who might otherwise be open. A clear polite presentation of the evidence will get some onlookers to look into it. Always remember, you are not just talking to one person.

Rudeness makes the Truth Movement as a whole look bad and it gains nothing.
What a field day for the heat
A thousand people in the street
Singin songs and a-carryin signs
I think it's time we STOP
hey, what's that sound?
Everybody look what's goin down.

Ben Veniste is a politician. He is aware that 6 of the 10 Commissioners have turned against the 9/11 report. He knows which way the wind is blowing and it sounded like he's looking for a way out. We have to let some of these guys off the hook if we want to get them to turn and help us. That may be repugnant to you but what is more important, venting your anger or getting a new investigation?
I know that they are accessories after the fact in treason and mass murder and I'm just as mad as you are but hold back your anger, it does not serve you or the Truth Movement.

This is a chess game. Don't worry about the pawns, we need to get the King and Queen.

Polite to a man involved in a treasonous cover-up?

Not a chance in hell I would ever be polite to a man who participated in the whitewash commission. I also do not care one tiny little bit what people think of the "rude" methods used here. This scumbag deserves to be rudely handcuffed and rudely thrown into a cell and then rudely tried in court by a rude prosecutor and found guilty by a rude jury and then sentenced by an extremely rude judge. On his way to jail he should be rudely strip searched by rude guards and put into a dirty orange jumpsuit with the word TRAITOR written in giant letters across the front and back. If I was rude in my response to you trust me it was intended. I can't even believe people would actually advocate politeness for traitor scumbags like this. Trust me if I ever get a whitewash commission member in front of my camera you can bet your ass I will not be asking "polite" questions. Christ.

What do you hope to accomplish?

By being rude???

What do you hope to accomplish by admonishing others...

What do you hope to accomplish by admonishing others to be polite to scum who belong in prison for treason? If you want to play nice with these dirt bags go for it but please spare me the lecture on being nice to criminals. If we had any real journalists in this country anymore they would be asking these questions and chasing scum like this with cameras and microphones. You go right ahead and play nice with these filth and see how far it gets you. I bet you don't even have the guts to ask a question or say anything to these creeps at all but you still come on here to scold these patriots for being "rude"? Man I am sick to my stomach. I cheer when I see REAL patriots confront these disgusting bastards. You know passing out flyers and DVDs most of which get thrown in the trash and being "polite" with criminals is not exactly breaking everything wide open is it? You really think if you are nice they are going to stop stonewalling us? You are dreaming.

By the way your question is loaded. Being rude is not something that is done to accomplish anything, that is NOT the point. The reason they were rude is because this guy is free to walk the streets and sell books even though he actively helped to cover up the mass murder of nearly three thousand people. Rude? He is lucky they didn't throw up on him just from the stench of being so close to him.

As of right now this video has reached nearly 12,000 people the vast majority of which cheered WACLA on. How many people have you reached lately? Civil informationing is all well and good for the public but it isn't worth a warm bucket of hampster spit when dealing with the perps.

What do you hope to accomplish by admonishing others?

A new, independent investigation of 9/11.

Everyone in the government and MSM are guilty of complicity. Unfortunately, we need some of them to turn and call for the investigation we want. Many would like to join us as Hamilton, Kean and others are trying to do. Either we embrace them as Jesus would or we are left with violent revolution.

"How many people have you reached lately?"

I spoke with a staff person of my Representative in Congress for half an hour. I spoke to Architects and others at the AIA convention in Washington CD this summer. I have gotten many telemarketers to become interested in the collapse of WTC 7. Thru personal contact at the local supermarket, social gatherings, the dentist's office, etc., I expose a few people every week to soundbites like "Did you know that 3 skyscrapers collapsed on 9/11?" or " Did you know that OBL has not been charged with 9/11?". I average about one or two convert's per week.

Well this video reached 12k in a week.

Chris let's just agree to disagree. You do your thing, WACLA will do theirs, and I will do mine.

Fair enough

All the best.

Yeah that's right!

As soon as we do find out who did it, we will understand many of the other conspiracies all right ! By the way I thought he was part of a commission who told us they knew who did the attacks.


once again a stellar confrontation from wearechange la. thanks for continuing to confront these criminals.

Text book example of how to confront a criminal.

This is in my opinion WACLA's best effort so far. Well done. He was actually flustered and even faked outrage at one point when his participation in treason was addressed to him directly. Right after the "how dare you accuse me of treason" moment you could see it sinking in that he is not going to get away with it. You could see the fear on his face as the vision of his future criminal conspiracy trial ran quickly through his head. Scumbags like him should be afraid. May he be similarly confronted at each and every stop on his book tour. Good work.


We Are Change LA....you made my month!

You guys are the BEST!

Keep up the PRESSURE! Keep up the AMAZING work! You're RELENTLESS and you're FEARLESS! Godspeed.

LOVED the woman who said, "I'm not with these guys," and then started in on him so sweetly. She got another 2-3 minutes with him as well as asking more questions and making more statements. Ha!

It's a riot to see how all the different people who are confronted react. You know, BV said that the accusation of his committing treason was bullshit. It occurred to me that, like Cheney, he really may not believe it is. According to their skewed and twisted worldview/logic, they may honestly view what they did and are doing as the ultimate in patriotism.


Very telling. He disclosed his weak point was the treason

charge. Maybe he should be reminded that treason is a capital offense. Maybe ask him if he preferred lethal injection to hanging. Or if he had dreams of the hundreds of thousand innocent women and children that have been brutally murdered based on his lies.

You know....once having found what pushes him towards the cracking point, bore in on that. Getting a "Col. Jessup moment" of him completely losing it doesn't seem that far fetched and would, just like in "A Few Good Men", certify his guilt.

Did he actually put his hands on that guy? Obviously he was on the edge of doing something really stupid.

I know from similar post WAC-attack comment sections I leave myself open to a charge along the lines of, "if you have so many great ideas why don't you get a camera and do your own".....and all I can say is damn, that's a great question. Looking for a few comrades in the Baltimore area.

Was that his wife? Would it be totally out of line to ask her a few border line rude questions like "How does it feel when hands drenched in blood touch you?" That would probably light the fuse. Would that be too much?

I am not far from washington and am currently unemployed(hopefully not much longer) and would appreciate feedback on my proposed strategies. Too far/damaging to the cause? I am ready to get out there and mix it up, been sitting on sidelines WAY too long.

I do not lack for balls/moxie/courage but have limited tech skills, no video camera and no posse....yet.

Anyone in Balt.-DC area have what i need and need what i have?

Thanks WAC, you guys are incredibly inspiring.

You need a least two people, preferably three to do this

At least one person asking the questions and two with cameras, one close-up getting the person being asked the questions and another at a distance in case "authorities" attempt to intervene, so you can document the entire thing at a safe distance.

As for questions, I always recommend studying the individual you plan on questioning very closely and finding the toughest fact- based questions you can ask and asking them politely, but directly. Let them answer, but don't ever let them sidestep a question.

If I lived close enough to Washington D.C. I would be there every week asking questions and demanding answers.

Drawing people out with carefully crafted questions is far better than confronting them and/or accusing them of crimes you have not established sufficient proof of.

We always need to remember our audience when doing this. It is vitally important that the neutral people observing these interactions see the 9/11 truth movement as rational and civil, not as angry "conspiracy theorists" accusing everyone they disagree with of treason.

All that being said, I have no doubt that Mr. Ben-Veniste is up to his eyebrows in criminality and has been for decades.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


water:wicked witch of Oz=truth and cameras:Richard Ben-Veniste

Meet The Truthers
True Confessions

WACLA doing an awesome job

WACLA doing an awesome job as usual! Sooner or later these criminals are gonna stop doing book signings. Jack Blood played this clip on his show yesterday (Sept. 22nd). Keep making us proud LA!



"It's not a matter of what is true that counts but a matter of what is perceived to be true." --Henry Kissinger