Air America Radio: Lionel has questions about 9/11, what's wrong with that?

15 minute segment where Lionel questions and gives his interpretation on the events of 9/11.

Good breakthrough in the alternative media.

To Thank Them and Request More...

* Thanks Vincent for the submission

From Sat.19th Dallas Rational Radio Progressive Forum

We must endeavor to educate those with a voice. This weekend we gave away about 350 DVDs at this event. I personally gave a DELUXE case of 24 different DVDs to Thom Hartmann, the Stations OWNER and Richard Hunter (who also has a show on Rational Radio). The gift was turned down by David Swanson who told me "We agree on a million things, but I don't agree with you about this, I've seen videos, I don't believe it. You make us look silly". PUNK, only later did I think of how I should have replied. "When the majority of Americans know the TRUTH, it will be you who we be seen as a liar". He's selling books, profiting from the other side the wars.

Video by TomT
September 20, 2009

http://www.northtexas911tru... "North Texans for 9/11 Truth" advocate peace, justice, truth, and transparency in government. Reggae performance by Tunde Obazee and Code Red. On September 19th, C... "North Texans for 9/11 Truth" advocate peace, justice, truth, and transparency in government. Reggae performance by Tunde Obazee and Code Red.

On September 19th, Cindy Sheehan came to Dallas and again paid a visit to the home of George Bush. Rational Radio 1360 AM sponsored a forum which included Thom Hartmann, Cindy Sheehan, and others.

Let's stop the killing. Let's save lives. Let's expose the 9/11 Cover-up by our Media and Government.

The good new

is there are links to sources that cover 9/11 truth at the After Downing Street website.


That was great. Thanks, Orangutan.

Two things:

In view of the daunting task of overturning strongly held, unsupported, irrational beliefs one should NOT be tearing at his own entrails.
Smile. It's a lot, too much, for most to comprehend. People are heavily invested in their beliefs. It takes time. Truth takes time.

Second, "truthers" are accused of 'needing' a conspiracy to complete our world when, in fact, the opposite is more often true.
Those adhering to the OCT don't want to imagine the UNTHINKABLE. In Lionel's example, the thought of our parents having sex:
who wants to think of that?! The analogy I've used is a family trying to accept that a favorite uncle has been sexually abusing little sister.

You know, that's not a bad analogy.

I'd never thought of that before but, in a non-humorous, totally serious sense, that's EXACTLY what it's like.

I've come to believe that NOTHING is as threatening as the Truth.

Thanks on that. I'm going to give it some more thought.

I always go back to one quote I read in something that came through this site that went something like, "I wouldn't believe it even if it was true."

It's so hard for me to remain patient because I don't understand what it's like not to want to/ not to be able to face Truth. My comprehension of it is merely theoretical. I wish it were more.

that was awesome!

he says most people have never really looked into 9/11- read the reports, listened to the testimony, let alone read all the media reports related to the facts surrounding 9/11- many people's conception of 9/11 is based on mostly on seeing the towers get hit and fall, and hearing the talking heads say it was al qaeda and bin laden- and this is what many people want to believe- they don't want to believe we swallowed the 9/11 lie, allowed our Constitution to be subverted and let a war happen based on lies- yet this is the real impact of 9/11.

I'd love to hear his list of 100 WHAT!?! facts

This guy is hi-LAR-ious!

Equating people's reaction to the deep questions about 9/11 with the idea of your parents having sex! "The thought of your mother in a French maid's outfit makes you want to throw up." HAAAaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Oh, my god, I almost rolled off the couch. Just the sound of this guy's voice is hysterical!!

I know he's dead serious but I wonder whether he knows how funny he is.

Yes, this bit was a very refreshing a "take" on things. Humor is THE best, especially on this toughest of tough subjects in this toughest of tough fights.

Thanks, O!



Let’s get to the first oft-asked question: What’s with the name “Lionel”? No last name? Nope. Mononymous, like God. Get over it.

The name actually comes from Al Pacino’s character in the 1973 film classic “Scarecrow.” Why? “Ben-Hur” was taken. Born Hiawatha Lipschitz, Lionel has been performing talk radio for 20 years (93 dog years). Don’t even try labeling him or his ideology as such is for naught: He’s the quintessence of sui generis. Carol Channing scares him. He implores and entreats his listeners to critically think and analyze, to parse topics and peel the layers of the issue onion. The barbate Lionel loathes trite shibboleths, playbook and bumper sticker labels as well as leprosy.

Lionel started as a mere caller whilst in law school in his home town of Tampa (cf. Tampa Bay) and was given his own show in 1988 on 970 WFLA – a weekend show (Sunday, no less). For reasons yet to be fathomed, he then jumped to middays, then afternoon drive in less than a year. The rest is . . . well, you know the line. Lionel was a prosecutor and criminal defense trial lawyer, so when a legal issue needs dissecting, whom better to consult? Lionel hosted his own show on Court TV and has appeared as a guest on virtually every news commentary show. Then again, who hasn’t? He never wears sandals with socks. He’s a proud polyglot, sesquipedalian and accomplished manualist. Lionel’s wit and biting humor are nonpareil. He has often said that he’d rather be the editorial cartoon than the editorial.

He emphasizes the absurd and recondite and there’s a lot to emphasize. Politics, music, pop culture, memetics, numismatics, name it – Lionel will tackle the issue. Talk radio is supposed to be fun, last time Lionel checked; that’s why he never listens to it. He’s the Harold Stassen of talk radio. For revamped, rejuvenated, retrofitted and reinvented talk radio, Lionel is where to go. He has consistently been the Number One rated talk host during his time period in New York (no joke). New affiliates grow like yeast. Lionel redefines talk radio. He’ll make you think, whether you want to or not. You will learn. He hates magicians and comedians. And, oh yes, mimes. In his free time Lionel enjoys spelunking, frottage and making haggis for friends.

Lionel's book, aptly titled, "Everyone's Crazy Except You and Me . . . And I'm Not So Sure About You" (Hyperion) hit the stands in August 2008 CE.

His real name is Michael

Good clip. The alternative media needs 9/11 Truth Movement

As the 9/11 Truth Movement continues to gain tremendous momentum and support, the alternative media NEEDS the 9/11 Truth Movement in order to be on the "right side of things". The future credibility & viability of the alternative media depends upon their support of the 9/11 Movement. Those in the alternative media who deny the 9/11 Truth Movement will fade away like yesterday's newspaper...they will look like silly mainstream news people.

Actually, not just Lionel,

Actually, not just Lionel, but also Mike Malloy and Randi Rhodes, when all three were still at Air America in 2006, were already openly questioning the OCT on their shows then. The fact that Lionel has not spoken about this between then and now (if indeed that's true) goes to show the pressure put on these people to shut up.