Truth Action Ottawa - September 11, 2009 - 9/11 Truth Action and Loose Change Screening

Truth Action Ottawa took to the streets in Ottawa's trendy Glebe neighbourhood on September 11, 2009. We stood at a busy highway off-ramp with our huge AE911Truth sign, handed out 300 discs on the street and then marched to the Mayfair Theatre for the Canadian theatrical premiere of Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup. The screening itself went extremely well, and the movie received a sustained ovation at the end.

The 8th anniversary is here, everyone. Check out that new banner! Richard Gage actually lost money on this shipping it to Canada, so we’d better get the most out of it. If you’re an architect, please consider becoming a sustaining member at

This area is known as ‘The Glebe’ and it has some really nice houses and shops. The traffic was nice and steady. Nothing too hectic.

We had enough people that we were able to take both sides of the street. I love it when that happens. We had a lot of familiar faces show up for this anniversary.

After the group photo, we headed off to ‘The Barley Mow’ for for some food before the big event. Tonight we’re showing ‘Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup’

Many thanks to both The Mayfair and Microcinema International for the chance to premiere this. We had a lot of people come out that we’d never met before. Most of them got a disc as we’d set up a ‘guard’ outside because of the spraypaint incident last time (see the screening of Endgame in our archives)

This person was one of many who showed up specifically because he saw the hit piece on TAO in the Ottawa Sun. Thanks again for the free publicity, Mr. McRae!

Check out that lineup!

Before the movie, Lee (the owner) introduced us and gave us a couple of minutes on the mic.

Mark talked about the Truthaction.Org 11th of Every Month campaign, and I talked about the movie, Sunjata, Microcinema, etc.

Two events, two group photos!

Invasion USA was chosen by the Mayfair as the followup to Loose Change since it was the #1 video rental in Afghanistan right after 9/11 occured. Just a little tie-in.

Until next month!


I'm glad the screening went well and everyone liked the film, I wish I could have been there.

One day..

You never know, man, maybe we can get you up here to introduce an encore presentation. The Mayfair does that a lot. Lee keeps getting some really cool people to play in his movies (Smash Cut, The Dead Sleep Easy, Vampiro, Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter), and once in a while he has a director or producer introduce a film he's showing. I think you'd probably like the Mayfair as well. It's a classy place, built in the 1930s. The decor is awesome.

JREF'er smearing your name Dylan

Hi Dylan, over at (check out post #4789), there's a JREF'er smearing your name.

This is his 4th or 5th post smearing your name and well smearing all 9/11 truth. This is all this guy does btw and it's nothing special as far as his tactics go, but he probably thinks you will never ever see his comments.