understanding economic controlled demolition: 1 million homeless students, 40-50 class size, 100,000 laid-off teachers

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Unemployment in the US is at Great Depression levels. When discouraged and part-time workers are included, the real unemployment rate (how it used to be counted in official statistics) is over 20%. This has predictable outcomes for our children: one million homeless students, class sizes of 40-50 while 100,000 laid-off teachers sit at home, and our children's growing disgust with American so-called ingenuity and leadership.

The solution to this problem is obvious. Yup. Think with me for a few moments to understand this for yourself.

The obvious solution fueled the greatest economic miracles in known history. It is advocated by EVERYONE in politics except for the “leaders” of the two political parties who enabled the controlled demolition of our economy, and then gave the criminal banksters $12 TRILLION in bailouts while giving crumbs to the American public along with empty rhetoric of “hope for change” and the remnants of “compassionate conservatism.” By everyone in politics, I mean the Dennis Kucinich coalition among the Dems, the Ron Paul coalition among the Reps, and all third parties.

Ready for the obvious solution?

I’ve written about this before, you know. Care to test yourself by trying to explain this to yourself before I articulate it? Until you can do so, I respectfully observe as a professional educator that you do not yet own the idea. Until you own the idea, you not a powerful citizen on this subject. And while powerful citizens do not need to explain all policy, the most important are our responsibility for informed voices and votes.

Thank you for your consideration of civic philosophy; now on to that solution!

The solution is to end our existing Robber Baron law whereby banks create our money supply (and addictively gamble it) and return that authority to our community (government) for the direct payment of public goods and services. This is monetary reform.

When we have market failure that thwarts our goal of full employment, the government MUST be the employer of last resort. This is obvious because free-market economics never produces full employment; we need a back-up plan if we're serious about achieving the goal. You don't see any other way to achieve full employment, do you? With direct focus on education, policy that does not connect laid-off professional teachers with overcrowded classrooms is either stupid, sadistic, or both. The excuse that a government “doesn’t have the money” to pay for beneficial goods and services is simple propaganda.

Again, this is obvious.

Allow me to explain: one of government’s PRIMARY functions is to create and manage the supply of money. In the US, this power was given to the banking industry, managed by their pinnacle bank, The Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is no more federal than Federal Express; it's even listed in the business pages of the phone book. Rather than government creating money directly, the current US government borrows it and charges US taxpayers for the interest. At a national level, the interest payment on over $12 trillion of debt is ~$450 billion every year. In California, the interest on state debt is $5 billion every year. If California created credit under existing banking laws, purchased its debt with a 0% loan to ourselves, we’d save $5 billion every year with a mere stroke of a computer keyboard. All 20,000 laid-off teachers could be rehired at $70,000/year and we’d still have $3.4 billion left-over from that savings.

The good news is that our slavery to debt is so easily ended; like pulling the curtain and discovering the Great Wizard is an illusion.

EVERYONE in politics is demanding to return this money-creation power to the public except the banksters’ shills of the two big-monied parties (no coincidence). I also provide you the historical support of our brightest American minds who have spoken and written for monetary reform. So far, I have articles on the first three of my top-ten list: Thomas Edison, Thomas Jefferson, and Andrew Jackson (ok, Andrew just had the killing of the bad banks understood without seeing the bigger picture).

Do you have the intellectual integrity and moral courage to understand the facts above? Yeah, it’s challenging, I know, especially the cognitive dissonance to embrace shocking facts and sheepishly admit you’ve been had. But really, I’m a National Board Certified Social Science teacher: you’re not going to get it presented any clearer. And consider: you’re being played as a fool. The truth will set you free, and it should really get you passionate for justice. For example, if anyone questions our oligarch's "protection racket," they threaten to hurt us. The Chair of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, threatened that the economy would crash if Congress fully audited their operations. How arrogant. If that doesn't focus your attention, you're seriously out of touch with your civic heart and soul.

Please learn this. As a nation, we literally have nothing more valuable to understand and improve.

I’m closing with a 3-minute George Carlin video from my most powerful and artistic source: Puppetgov.com. Carlin explains his analysis why education is meant to be ineffective. Warning: Mr. Carlin uses adult language.

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