AE911Truth At AIA Headquarters in Washington DC

07/20/2009 - AIA General Counsel meets with Richard Gage, AIA at the headquarters of the American Institute Of Architects in Washington DC.

I love Patriots. I

I love Patriots. I especially love the intelligent and talented ones. Bless all the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.


It is indeed an honor and a privilege to know you sir.

Class, style, professionalism and muchas grandes cahones.

Well done.

Closing statement by Gregg is spot on.

Changing the course of history !!!

This age that we live in is a milestone in World History. A new era is being chartered by people like Gage and AE911Truth, along with many, many others involved in the 9/11 Truth Movement.

Kevin "the debunking director"

took too much precious time from mr Gage.
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Way to go mr Gage en co!

Thank you


Great job! It seems

Great job!

It seems extremely important to go and see these people in person and as Gregg said, when you they see that you aren't going to do anything unexpected, but are intelligent and sincere, they relax a little, and are able to listen more. It's the same thing with looking for a job -- going in person makes all the difference in the world because they will know who you are, making the experience much deeper and more rich for them, difficult to forget.

Richard Gage for President!

Fantastic, important, much needed work being done! Yes, the history is being written right now. How long the official media, official propaganda, the whole establishment, will keep denying, covering up, hiding this self-evident truth - 9//11 a controlled demolition...? An inside job from the start to the end.

The game they play with truth, game of denying the irrefutable evidence, is very dubious, and with consequences for those who chose to play it.

Mr. Richard Gage for President! Yes, of the USA.
Nobody connected with the cover-up or who participated will not qualify by far.

Of course, the choice is hard. There is Dr. Steven Jones, Prof Ray Griffin.
Let's write in one of these names on the ballot.

Can you spell Madison, Jefferson, Washington? I think we should rememeber, because it is this framework, the ideas, the courage we are dealing with.

Let's keep up the honest, hard work, for the truth, for America!

Thank you,
Petr Buben -