AL GORE vs 911 TRUTH year 2008 never referenced on

John Mitchell
Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,
On searching for "Pittsburgh g20 protest september 2009" on YouTube I stumbled on this video "AL GORE VS 911 TRUTH"

I checked that this videao was never on 911blogger and for me who has a great admiration for Al Gore I am asking myself if this intervention is the best means to get the message across.
Our planet is in danger in many ways. Global warming and totalitarianism facism to name two. The second is the more immediate danger and will dictate how we will deal with the first.
The totalitarianism facism shows it face in the 9/11 crime and in it's force in the massive manipulation of the world's population to think that Bin Laden did 9/11.
If Al Gore ignores the second then his solutions and show are also a manipulation towards the totalitarianism facism.
The fact that eight years later the propaganda machine is still managing to block the movement for a real inquiry into the 9/11 attacks shows that the citizen has little possibility to be heard. I take off my hat to the young that did this action and would like to know what alternative solutions there are to get the truth out.
Yours John
PS Please, can the administrators of this, pay attention to make back up copies of this internet site as there is so much important information on the 911 movement that later on our historians will appreciate to be able to be see how the world citizens managed to down play the perfect 911 crime.

But 911blogger

Cannot back-up Youtube, because Youtube is designed to be a centralized copyright enforcement machine. Copyright enforcement is another word for state and corporate censorship.

Want you videos to be free? Get a higher bandwidth connection and host them yourself. Host them in a free video file format that may be easily downloaded and shared, instead of proprietary Adobe formats and protocols such as Flash and RTMP that are designed to obscure this access.

Want to free your media? Learn about technologies and software that infringe on your freedom and use free alternatives instead. It may not be too late. Visit

IT people know how important this, but IT people are hardly ever activist. I am.

why doesn't everyone use the internet archive is a library and they 're not going to censor as a matter of policy.