Debunking The BIGGEST Misconception That Most of Us Have To Deal With

I am sure you have heard this line, or something similar, many times before;

"It would take a huge amount of people to pull it off"

This is the most popular reason why people are skeptics, and it's also the most easy to debunk in 10 seconds.

You say;

"So, what you're telling me is that it would take a huge amount of WELL CONNECTED, WEALTHY, WHITE COLLAR CRIMINALS to pull off 9/11, but yet, you believe that JUST 19 men with box cutters were able to?"

That statement/question stops people in their tracks. You can see their eyes start darting back and forth as the gears in their head come to a grinding halt as they search for a thought. They will then attempt to switch the subject at that point usually.

That one statement has helped me awaken so so so many people. It's a starting point and usually makes people question the way they think about things.

Another one I have heard many times that is;

"It would take tons and tons of explosives"

You say;

"So, what you're telling me is that it tons and tons of explosives, but yet you believe it happened with just a little bit of jet fuel?

That also debunks that claim instantly.

We have them on the ropes now...we need to keep pounding away until the official story is nothing but a steaming hunk of goo.

[right winger mode]

It wasn't a bit of jet fuel, it was TEN THOUSAND FRIGGIN GALLONS!!!!

[/right winger mode]

Unfortunately that is the cognitive dissonance and willful ignorance we deal with.

I live in Cincinnati, home of AM talk radio 700 WLW, which features several right wing talk shows, one of them being Mike McConnell. Their forum members are the lowest of the low. They don't even try to make half way sounding rebuttals as Mark Roberts and Ryan Mackey at JREF at least attempt to do. They're just the most dumbed down, brainwashed, "Gawd Bleyuss Murka and no one else" people you could imagine.

I was curious as to their reactions over the fact that the senior counsel to the 9/11 Commission, John Farmer, has written a book exposing how six of the ten commissioners are on the record declaring the "investigation" to be a whitewash and fraud, so I started a thread there.

Check it out.

Fortunately, a look at the traffic rank of that site at reveals that it is 2,335,211, while 911blogger is 79, 851 (we've improved; we 120,000 a few months ago), and is 4,046.

So the yahoos at the McConnell forum are just a small echo chamber, thank goodness.