Dwain Deets 9/11 talk featured in College Newspaper

Media Credit: Carlos Maia

The City News, campus newspaper at San Diego City College, featured an on-campus talk delivered on September 11th by Dwain Deets of AE911Truth on the front page of their September 22 issue. Deets, a former NASA engineering executive, presented the evidence for explosive controlled demolition of the three World Trade Center high-rise buildings.

Article is posted on the City News website, at:

Controversial New Club on Campus

Way to go

Dwain Deets and Steve Farhney! I recieved a copy in the mail today from Nellise Muga. Great Work!

This is what needs to happen

I am glad to see more engineers speaking to groups.

Here is another you may have missed. Derek Johnson

Engineer Derek Johnson of AE911TRUTH discusses WTC 7 at UNT 9-11-09


I did see that Derek spoke

Joe, I did see a clip of Derek speaking at the 7 in seven conference several months ago when it was posted here. From the ten minute clip that I saw of Derek's two hour presentation there I thought he did an excellent job.

After seeing some of Derek's talk I made the same point in a comment on that post that I am now.

I have suggested to Richard Gage that AE911truth.org should ask for volunteers to speak and have about 50 doing so all over the country.

This would be synergistic and greatly amplify the AE911truth message.

It would also allow Richard time to do other things in addition to speaking, such as going to conventions, speaking to politicians, and additional organizing.

Friday 9/25, SEAN HANNITY called Derek for on-air...

Derek has been on-air with scores of talk radio shows. He "works" the topic which creates a spark that radio show hosts like. On 9/25, Sean Hannity's show called Derek. On this particular show, the topic was more 2nd amendment and declaration of wars. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wxQC-VWjxPk

Derek is also trying to organize an effort for FEA (Finite Element Method Analysis) of Building 7. You can see some of his past videos on his YouTube Channel.

Architects & Engineers rallied to a Dallas area Building 7 Event on 7/11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o513PAAj-b4

Tom, thanks

I agree, we definately have to organize more speaking forums and attract the public (those who don't (yet) share our 9-11 view). Feeding the public will certain drive the attendence way up, which I am certainly more than happy to do next summer....if not sooner. As a passing thought, a line by line analysis of the 2008 NIST report would surely create a lot of doubt.

For a body calling themselfs National Institute of Standards and Technology, their 2008 report on building 7 is wildly speculative and largely void of science...I'd say it's more like science fiction.

Their little biased poll

is going the wrong way for them

We're winning it. Vote people! Vote!

The Poll



the more engineers the BETTER. thanks for posting~