Downtown Phoenix, AZ Building Demolished

The explosions sound exactly like the ones heard in WTC7.

Cleaner job at WTC7

It looks as if the demolition was in some sense more expert for WTC7. Everything went down in unison.

This was not a controlled demolition.

You can clearly see that the main columns fall SIDEWAYS - rather than into their own footprint. This was just a natural collapse due to gravity.

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This was not a controlled demolition

There was a small fire in a waste paper can at the base of the structure, that's what brought this building down. You conspiracy nutjobs never let up.

Consult NIST

Perhaps they will conclude that a flatulent rodent brought this building down...

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this is true.

Ditto all the way down the chain.

I thought those "concrete towers" were supposed to fall through the path of MOST resistance (through themselves).

Proof Why a "Top Down" implosion was needed....

...for the twin towers...

This is AMAZINGLY fortunate for the Gage Gang...

Just take a look at how UNCONTROLLED the cement towers were when they "toppled over".

Just imagine if they had been wired with top-down explosives.

No tipping at all...just straight down with even MORE pyroclastic [sp] dust...AYE!

And SQUIBS...would we ever have seen some squibs with a top-down demolition in AZ or what?...

And materials flying out horizontally for hundreds of doubts about it...

But we didn't see those here did we?

Instead, we saw a partial bottom-up demolition and these cement towers tipped over...with no squibs...and only some dust...AFTER the cement towers hit the ground...

Somebody out there will soon make an animation about what damage would have occurred to Manhattan HAD the twin towers toppled over like these towers in this video.

AND THEN...once actually seeing all the other buildings that would have been crushed in Manhattan...AND...after assessing their worth... will become abundently clear as to WHY these buildings were brought down with "top-down" controlled demolition...

See, the truth just keeps on moving forward.

love, peace and progress...

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

Very good points.


I'd like to see an animation of a hypothetical bottom up attempt to demolish one of the twin towers. I can definitely picture it falling sideways after about 20 floors have gone.

Perhaps a project for Chandler?

Great points, guys

I hadn't even thought of that, what would it look like if things went the way NIST said or the way they typically demo a building? Those would be interesting simulations to see, and if done well enough, could illustrate the point of unconventional controlled demolition much more clearly.

The love that you withhold is the pain that you carry

Link doesn't work

The link doesn't work for me. Has it been removed? i get a The page cannot be found message.
Is this footage on youtube too?

Anyway, compare the explosions:
The famous loud explosion at WTC7


Roosevelt House Building Demolition in Atlanta, GA

No doubt in my mind that WTC7 has been brought down by explosives.