Listening for the 9-11 footsteps By W. R. McAfee Sep 29th, 2009 ONLINE JOURNAL

Commentary Sep 29th, 2009 -

Listening for the 9-11 footsteps
By W. R. McAfee
Online Journal Guest Writer

Sep 29, 2009, 00:14

The recent Scripts Howard/Ohio University poll that says 30 percent of the American people think the government had something to do with 9-11 is low. This (30 percent) was the survey percentage pollsters opened with several years ago. The implied message than and now is “ . . . two-thirds -- the majority -- of the American people don’t believe in any conspiracy theory so don’t you go worrying none now . . .”

Rest assured it’s much higher today, thanks to the Internet. Much higher.

New York firefighters knew the day of the event. Those who survived heard the explosions going off in the buildings.

Doubters sensed something was wrong, too, when they looked at the faces of the Washington entourage who gathered the first time on the platform in New York overlooking the crime scene to “pay tribute.”

There was no genuine sadness in those faces.

One human can read that in another.

They ‘sanitized the scene and carted it off to be resold to China, resmelted, or dumped at sea as quickly as possible. With good reason.

David Ray Griffin, who doesn’t have a hysterical bone in his body, approached 9-11 using the scientific reasoning method and began filling in the facts. Nine books later he is the acknowledged expert on 9-11, and the best investigative writer ever to tackle the subject. [1]

The world owes him a great debt.

He has done the investigative work and accumulated the facts for the media. (They will not print the truth.) He has done the investigative work and accumulated the facts for the legal community. (They will not indict.)

The dissemination and execution of these two things in the public realm are of utmost importance to a republic.

If one had a question about David Ray Griffin, it would be would be why the people behind the curtain allowed him to continue writing. Did they consider themselves so much smarter and above the rest that it didn’t occur to them that someone like him would emerge from the Twin Towers’ dust and obfuscation?

Did they think they could match his facts with propaganda, disinformation, or writers on their payroll?

They tried and failed.

None of his early books were reviewed.

They became best sellers by word of mouth.

Should the legal community gain a constitutional foothold from which to initiate 9-11 charges -- and find enough honest judges as well as men and women who have not been compromised by the perpetrators of this heinous crime, and who are willing to sit on juries -- they probably will start with George W. Bush.

But he, like Clinton and G.H.W. before him, and now Obama, were/are not capable of planning anything like 9-11. They are shills -- puppets -- for the people behind the curtain who plan America’s foreign strategy (For example, how our troops will be used and for what), and who control America’s presidents, present and past, down to what to say on teleprompters; all of whom will be trotted out as lightening rods for the public to throw rocks at should legal proceedings commence.

It is the people behind the curtain who should be indicted. They planned and oversaw the execution of 9-11, and are the same people who finance and profit from global “wars;” who currently have the world’s financial systems shut down while they swing a new global “banking system” into place; to be followed by a new global “currency;” to be followed by a new global “government” appointed by -- would you believe? -- themselves.

These psychopaths are birds of a feather who hate the Constitution, and are either socialists, communists, or fascists; depending upon where they are in their financial food chain.

Their motivation is the perpetuation of their fortunes, control of the planet, and power over all humanity; of which they feel four-fifths should be eliminated. Their end game is to own and control all resources -- food, fiber, water, minerals, property, land, money, jobs, people, and hope. Air if they could sell it and humans may have to pay for the privilege of exhaling carbon ‘emissions’ under the cap and trade scam. Really.

Besides using presidential “signing statements” and “executive orders,” Oz has purchased congress and the legislation needed (drafted by their paid stable of lawyers) to attempt an end-run around the Constitution.

This legislation includes the USAPATRIOT Act, written long before 9-11; the Model Emergency Health Powers Act to “ . . . counter bio-terrorists” (also written long before 9-11); and their so-called “swine flu pandemic” scheme through the WHO’s declaration of a Level 6 Pandemic, through which they hope to declare martial law during their contrived “global (read flu) emergency.” There also were attempts to legislate or sign away historical rights and stops such as habeas corpus and posse comitatus.

The list goes on.

Their previous attempt to take over America in 1933 failed. Marine General Smedley Butler, whom the plotters had tapped to lead a ‘new’ army of disgruntled WWI veterans unemployed due to the Great Depression. (The veterans, without money, sought an early payout of their government issued Service Certificates -- a pension granted to them in 1924 that wasn’t redeemable until 1937. They marched on Washington to lobby their cause.) [2]

General Butler played along with the conspirators, then outed them before Congress. A few underlings went to jail, but none of the perps -- granddaddies of the current crop behind the curtain -- were ever indicted.

Now, the descendents of those early world government schemers and the hooded organizations and banking conglomerates they belonged to are back.

This time with mercenaries.

The founders saw the day when this would come. They were smart men. Much smarter and better than what we have in Washington today (or what’s behind the curtain).

All of Washington, including the media, knows about 9-11. All had knowledge or involvement. All are culpable. (This may be why the legal community can’t/won’t indict. And you can forget the Justice Department.)

Griffin has pulled together the facts -- and hundreds more -- in his books.

Did they think us all stupid? Did they not know the Internet would out them? Were they so arrogant and confident in their scam, power, and control over the American people they didn’t care?

If there are no law abiding people left in Washington or in government who can initiate action to right this wrong, then what we’re left with are pathological demons racing around the plant with armloads of [all the] money, weapons, and resources, wreaking havoc upon humanity with no feeling for human life.

Remember this: When you read or hear something -- anything -- on the Internet or in a magazine or book or newspaper about 9-11, and the writer says, “We were attacked by Al Qaeda [or terrorists],” know you’re reading/listening to (a) a piece of deliberate propaganda or disinformation, or (b) someone who has done no research on 9-11 and is ignorant of the facts.
The same applies to the “swine flu pandemic” when someone comes high-stepping by to the propaganda drum saying, “Hurry, hurry, hurry . . . step right up and get your-life-saving flu shot.”