Loose Change 911: An American Coup attacked before release!!!

Even before the release of Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup, "reviews" (I use the term loosely) began to appear on Amazon fervently attacking the documentary and its makers. Some remarks I found shocking, others depressing.

One poster admitted they had not yet seen the film but it was "crap" none-the-less. Another denounced the documentary as lies and a shameless attempt to profit from the tragedy.

Personally, it is hard to understand this unwavering stance in the face of justified questions concerning the events of that day, many posed by the victims families themselves.

Loose Change: The Final Cut is a very different entity from its predecessors and that being the case, I will wait for my DVD of Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup to arrive before I intend to review it.

Here are some quotes posted on Amazon before the release of the film, each complimented with a 1 star rating;

Garbage, September 24, 2009

This was made by a kid who got rejected from film school. Don't waste your money on someone who is trying to profit from the 911 tragedy.

Swiss cheese has fewer holes than this film, September 16, 2009

I would give this film zero stars if possible... If you're going to waste your time on this film, do yourself a favor, and Google "Loose Change Arguments Debunked + 9/11 Truth Movement" and you'll probably be taken to a few sites that break this film down scene by scene and show how completely inappropriate this work is.

Please Don't Buy This Crap!, September 10, 2009

Have not seen it, and will not watch it. Anyone who believes in this "conspiracy" garbage is no better than the extremists that committed this act of terrorism. It's just like saying the Holocaust didn't happen. Please do not endorse this type of thinking by buying this crap!

More Lies From Dylan Avery & Co., 9 Sep 2009

Dylan Avery, like all the leading proponents of 9/11 conspiracy theories, is a charlatan seeking to profit from the tragedy of 9/11 by selling falsehoods to those gullible enough to buy into them.

Can't wait.

My copy should be in the mail any day. I hope to be able to give an objective review. I don't give a lot of credibility to Amazon reviews. The film will stand, soar or fall on it's own merits, period.

Most of the reviews are GLOWING

Seen it a review is up!

The negative comments appeared rather quickly compared with the real reviews. Amazon UK has only one negative "review", which I now can balance with my own.

A Must See!!!, September 30, 2009

Loose Change 911: An American Coup is an important documentary. It asks valid, legitimate and disturbing questions about the events surrounding September 11th 2001 that have yet have to be answered.

This is not a documentary to be disparaged with narrow mindedness or vilification. The issues raised are important and need to be addressed directly and dispassionately. This way the truth will emerge and finally those responsible will be brought to justice.

The American people and others around the world need to know what really happened on that terrible day and why it was allowed to happen. The desire for the truth has not been abated by falsified official reports and illegitimate investigations.

This new installment of Loose Change is a documentary to be taken very seriously and the more people that see it the better.