World Trade Center Steel Hauled Back to New York

GAITHERSBURG, Md. -- Police escorted a procession of trucks hauling steel from the World Trade Center towers out of the area Tuesday morning.

For the past three years, the steel had been at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, where the events of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks were reconstructed. The steel is being taken back to New York City.

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is it being hauled back in anticipation of the NYC CAN winning?

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is it being hauled back in anticipation of the NYC CAN winning a new investigation ?



Good question

I am wondering the same thing.

The only problem is that this is only 0.25 to 0.5% of the steel from the towers and very little of it was from the fire affected areas of the towers.

Finally any new investigation will have to rely on recreation from video and thermal and structural analysis for the most part.

I want to see a full analysis for how the North Tower upper section could continuously accelerate without experiencing any deceleration during what should have been impacts with the lower section of the building in a natural collapse.

Additionally, I would like to see

for example, what caused those focalized and high speed ejections of debris well below the "collapse" front. The flashes not related to glass reflections.

The core sections which fell afterwards with smoking white ends.

I'm also puzzled by those loud bangs audible in the Naudet video from inside the North Tower during the South Tower destruction. Are they "sonic booms" as Bazant theorized?

And then, of course, explanations for all the chemical anomalies and thermitic materials. The pools of molten steel. Molten girders.

The debris field which indicates lateral ejection of heavy steel segments with brute force other than "spring action".

As for those acceleration studies.... Tony, I think you and Chandler nailed it. At the very least, Bazant is wrong.

All this and we haven't even discussed what happened before "collapse initiation", such as the seismic disturbances that Graeme MacQueen wrote about. The dubious enigmatic spook that is Jerome Hauer. It goes on and on.

Where are NIST models?

I would like to see NIST computer models made available for peer-review. Why are they hiding their data?

We know they merely calculated up to initial conditons of 'collapse' with their tweaked models, while failing to account for global destruction at all.

NIST has already admitted to free-fall for Building 7, which is the death knell for a gravity-induced collapse theory. Now let's see those 'dry labbed' models for the twin towers.

Likely not...

In all likelyhood, this is simply NIST closing the book on their efforts, and as a result, freeing up storage space.

After all, there's no need to store this steel of what is not deemed a criminal investigation. It isn't "evidence", simply source material which may or may not have been consulted in their research. This was simply an academic investigation into a hypothetical cause, but not under any court-based jurisdiction. NIST likely has no obligation by internal policies to store materials used in past research efforts.

Independent examination?

Could the steel now be tested by independent researchers for signs of explosives or thermite?

How about the WTC dust samples?

What will NIST do with the dust samples they gathered? Will the samples be available for independent investigation? Or will NIST dispose of them to prevent such an investigation? This is a very important issue. Is there some way scientists can request these samples? At the very least, these samples should be made available now that the official NIST investigation has finished, such as to take away any doubts about what is contained in the dust. If NIST is confident there is nothing special in it, there is no reason not to release them.

Please, somebody, do something.

Dust samples will be needed for the "TEASON GATE" Bush trial?

soon the dust samples will be needed for the future "TEASON GATE" Bush trial. We must have this dust put in a safe place but absolutely not in the CIA, FBI, NASA, ... hands.

While waiting there is about 100 000 tons of debris ready to be tested for nano-thermite.



How Do We Know This WTC Steel?

I hope it is but I also don't discount that this steel could be from somewhere else.


Looking down at the flatbeds, I noticed many of the girders were twisted and rusted. What conditions were they kept in if they are real?

Yeah well ...

Your scepticism is understandable but :

"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

This perfectly bent steel ?

Screenshot from the 2003 documentary "Up from Zero"

"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

how is it possible to have the bent beam form ?

how is it possible to have the bent beam form ? The end is clean, no rupture ? I do not understand how physically it is possible.

Yours John

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