Judge Hellerstein: CIA can keep 9/11 videotape info secret

NY judge: CIA can keep 9/11 videotape info secret

By LARRY NEUMEISTER (AP) – 4 hours ago

NEW YORK — A New York City judge says he won't order the release of hundreds of documents the CIA has refused to make public regarding the destruction of videotapes of detainee interrogations following the Sept. 11 attacks.

Manhattan federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein ruled Wednesday after viewing a few of nearly 600 documents related to the CIA's 2005 destruction of videotapes documenting new harsh questioning techniques.

He said a federal judge must defer to the CIA director in assessing information related to such an issue of national security.

The judge also said he probably would have ruled on the same grounds that the videotapes would not have to be released if they had not been destroyed.

A lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union says he doesn't know if he'll appeal.

Judge Hellerstein

deserves a Gold Medal for helping to prop up the offical Gov. propoganda story.

I'd love to see the 9.11 truth movement expose this guy.

Pray he's not talking to Supreme Court Justice Edward Lehner

Pray he's not talking to Supreme Court Justice Edward Lehner

>>Pray he's not talking to

>>Pray he's not talking to Supreme Court Justice Edward Lehner

You can just imagine who is talking to this justice right now . . . if even a single blog in a UK newspaper questioning the official story results in the writer almost losing his job because of the response from those in high places in the US, you can imagine what this ballot initiative would generate in terms of pressure. The writer realized that his entire career of work was threatened to be overshadowed by this one essay, and he got scared.

My guess is they would do it the same way here, in terms of how the judge's career will be ruined, how he would become a laughing stock, make the state a laughing stock, etc.


This has been updated...

District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein - The 9/11 Judge

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

It's interesting that he

It's interesting that he seemed to get this one right, although for the wrong reasons --

"A federal judge on Thursday dismissed a lawsuit charging that the city's Office of Emergency Management helped cause the collapse of Seven World Trade Center on 9-11 by storing diesel fuel for its emergency generators in the 47-story building." [...] "The city Law Department hailed the ruling, which it says is the last property damage claim against the city related to 9-11. A statement from the department says the move by District Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein "allows New York City to better plan for events like September 11th without being subject to liability based on hindsight." [Village Voice, 1/12/2006]

If this had gone through, that would have gone a long way toward propping up the false diesel fuel claim.

Hellerstein's like a pimp

Now and then a stroke, now and then a slap in the face. In our confusion we may begin to like him.

Any judge making a decision such as this one about the video tapes should deliver another verdict: sending himself to jail.

Is anyone

filing on this crook. BAR grievances, judicial misconduct, criminal complaints...Ride him till you see him committing and remotely criminal act. Go through every case he's adjudicated in the clerks files and audit everything this criminal does. If he throws a gum wrapper in the street, call the police and have him cited. Tape it and nail his hide. Enough of this and either his bonding company will drop him, he'll get fired, or wind up in jail. He deserves much, much worse, he is the worst of criminals.

Who will judge the judges?

The aptly named Judge Hellerstein should himself be subject to possible criminal proceedings when the real trials begin.

Is he worth a WeAreChange intreview ?

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
Is he worth a WeAreChange intreview ?

He might be surprised that the world would like to have his reply on this for the record on the interent.



We are change should be all over him