Peter B. Collins Interviews Former FBI Counterintelligence Manager John M. Cole

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Confirmation of the credibility of Sibel Edmonds and her charges. In this program, former FBI counterintelligence specialist and manager John M. Cole gives strong support to the charges that Sibel outlined in our Podcast #40 and in the recent article in the American Conservative. Cole cites two extremely high level sources at FBI who confirmed to him that Sibel’s charges are true, and that the FBI was deeply concerned that she might go public.

He says that then-Attorney General John Ashcroft had an unusually close relationship with FBI Director Robert Mueller, and explains the pattern that Cole, Edmonds, and other FBI employees got when they tried to report wrongdoing. John Cole has a book due out in November, While America Sleeps. Cole talks more about his issues and other matters in an upcoming Boiling Frogs interview.

Info about his book

From Cole's Twitter page: "My Book "While America Sleeps: An FBI Whistleblowers Story" is now available through the publisher. Will be in stores Nov 14"

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I'm not sure why Cole chose Publish America.

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