Why is the Mainstream Media not Demanding the Truth About 9/11?

Why is the Mainstream Media not Demanding the Truth About 9/11?

1. Former FBI Translator and Whistleblower Sibel Edmonds has exposed, among many other disturbing revelations, that Osama bin Laden and "Al Qaeda" (which simply means "the base") were working with government intelligence operatives right up until the morning of 9/11 (and perhaps beyond):


2. The 9/11 Commission Report has been exposed as almost entirely untrue by John Farmer, the Dean of Rutgers School of Law--Newark who served as Senior Counsel to the Commission:


3. No reasonably intelligent and rational individual could possibly watch the full two hours of this video and still honestly believe everything the American government has told its citizens about the events of 11 September 2001:


4. The 9/11 Truth Movement ebbs and flows ... losing credibility with each Alex Fox media stunt and every (planted?) Icke-ish nut claiming alien lizard people or Apocalyptic demons are to blame ... then regaining momentum whenever one more brave citizen opens their mind to the harsh facts and horrible ramifications of what the truth might be, and demands an unbridled investigation knowing they will be called "kook" or "communist" by scared Sheeple seeking to maintain the bliss of ignorance. This will go on, ad nauseum and forever, until the Truth of 9/11 is fully investigated and openly exposed.

So again I ask, why is the mainstream media not demanding the truth about 9/11?

Whatever happened to investigative journalism?

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To quote Carl Cameron...

Because everything has to go through Media Relations.

And like I said before, back in Nazi Germany it was at least more honestly titled: "Ministry of Propaganda."

See David Ray Griffin's "9/11 and Nationalist Faith"

The media's main job is not to damage the public religion that the US is the Greatest Country on Earth, then they're subservient to profit/advertisers.

The Corpse Media subvert, not serve, the public interest

It's astounding the number of facts that conflict with, contradict and disprove the OCT which MSM have reported, yet there is still no honest investigation and reporting.

Some journalists and reporters have dug into certain aspects, but their findings are not widely reported, unlike politician's sex scandals, trivial by comparison, which get massive coverage. Many journalists and reporters self-censor, knowing where the line is- and the treatment of Van Jones sends a public signal to everyone who raises the specter of 'unanswered questions'. Other 'journalists' and 'reporters' actively shill for the OCT.

Editors, publishers, board members and corporate parents actively gate-keep- see this piece by Glenn Greenwald on the owners of NBC and Fox colluding to stop the collateral damage on their interests caused by the Olbermann-O'Reilly wars:

The post author (Bruce Arnold?) observes, "This will go on, ad nauseum and forever, until the Truth of 9/11 is fully investigated and openly exposed." Yes, i think it will- the questions and implications are too huge, and the claim that 9/11 was fully investigated and there's nothing else to be told quickly falls apart on examination.

One point about Farmer, though- i keep seeing variations of the claim that he's contradicting the Commission Report; his book publicity sound bite, “At some level of government, at some point in time, a decision was made not to tell the truth about the national response to the attacks on the morning of 9/11. We owe the truth to the families of the victims of 9/11. We owe it to the American public as well, because only by understanding what has gone wrong in the past can we assure our nation’s safety in the future.” refers primarily to the false statements made by NORAD officials to the public and to the Commission.

Farmer does address this in greater detail than the Commission did, but this was already public info- just buried along with all the other major news the 'media' fail to cover honestly. the Commission acknowledged 'inaccurate' testimony on pg 34 and presented their version of events. About the Commission, Farmer said, "I think the report is, uh, extremely accurate, and- and sets forth the facts of 9/11." http://www.bradblog.com/?page_id=7416 Farmer blames Bin Laden and Al Qaeda for 9/11, and 'bureaucracy' and the Clinton Administration for failing to prevent it. I haven't finished the book, but so far Farmer's an apologist for the OCT, with a slightly different perspective on it.



I agree that Farmer should be looked at as both an apologist for the OCT and a critic of the Commission. We need to use his "revelations" to our advantage wherever possible but also stay attentive for expanded "incompetence theory," which as best as I can tell is what his story is all about. Honestly, I don't trust anything he says, but I'm not that important.The movement needs to vet everything he says very carefully.

Farmer's book good for some things

1) It's getting new media and public attention on the story of NORAD officials having made 'false statements' to the public as well as under oath, which never got much coverage in the first place. Plus, this puts attention on the Commission's narrative, which has flaws and omissions and is based on materials that may have been tampered with- staff raised questions about this in memos and emails.

2) Farmer's blaming 'bureaucracy' and Clinton and apologizing for the Bush Administration while omitting significant info in the public record makes it clear the former Team 8 leader has an agenda, and his book cannot be relied on impartial or accurate. Farmer told Friedman he was perfectly fine with Bush and Cheney being interviewed together, in private, not under oath, under a 3 hr time limit, with no recording and with notes confiscated and subject to censorship prior to their being used in the report. Any media that cite Farmer's book expose themselves as clueless or having an agenda.

3) Farmer may actually give some new info that will illuminate some things, if only in that it contradicts what's been represented. I'm using a highlighter and may put together a list of stuff at some point, but probably simuvac and some of the prolific history commons contributors will beat me to it.


I don't trust John Farmer one bit.

He is a damage control gatekeeper through and through.

Apparently quite a few people over at Amazon think so too, judging by their customer reviews of his book. (It has an average rating of 2.5 stars out of 5, and the lowest possible rating a person can give a product is one (rather than zero) star.

Farmer is doing his job...

I have XM in my car and it is usually tuned to Air America (or whatever it is called now, channel 167), mostly for Thom Hartmann & Malloy. On my way into town for a few errands I just heard a couple minutes of Farmer being interviewed on Left Jab (http://www.leftjabradio.com/). The hosts opened by quoting Farmer's 'explosive' statement that "blah, blah, we weren't told the truth about 9/11" (paraphrasing...yawn), then asked Farmer to elaborate. Farmer's response right out the gate (paraphrasing again):

"Let me just preface by saying that I think the 9/11 Commission did an excellent job in laying out the facts of 9/11...blah, blah, blahbetty, blah". It was almost word for word what he said during Brad Friedman's interview. I had to shut the damned radio off. It is becoming increasingly clear to me that Farmer's 'job' is to capture the attention of those who might be even a little skeptical of the official bedtime story, reinforce the incompetence theory while pushing his talking point that the Commission Report is golden. Sure seems that way to me.

Why are they not demanding the truth about 9/11?

For the same reason they are not demanding (or telling) the truth about a whole bunch of other stuff as well.
Here's just a partial list:

They are not known as media-whores for nothing. Their job is NOT to enlighten and inform but more to cover up and obfuscate and keep under wraps the information that would bring the system crashing down around our ears were it to become widely known, and 9/11 is just one part of it.

Not to mention if they were to start covering 9/11 honestly, they would have to admit they had been lying to us for the last 8 years, and then we would say, "Oh really? Well what else have you been lying to us about that you haven't come clean on as of yet?" - talk about opening a whole new can of worms.


The Media is run and owned by the NWO boys. It's our job to get the truth out by whatever means possible. Why just the other day I was talking to a woman who still didn't know anything about building 7.

I read the book

IMO his analysis is flawed because he doesn't even consider the possibility of corruption. One of his main references is the work of Amy Zegart. While Farmer and Zegart make good points about bureaucratic problems their analysis doesn't ring true when they pretend that the conduct of specific officials wasn't applicable to the success of the attacks. There are repeated instances where individuals acted in a manner indicative of bad faith. Instances where individuals took advantage of bureaucratic problems in order to impede al Qaeda related investigations. The Farmer/Zegart analysis tracks with the popular media view of holding powerful officials to an extremely low standard of conduct. Tenet's contradictory conduct--dire warnings of possible attacks vs. withholding of information about suspected perpetrators of those possible attacks--couldn't possibly be chalked up to some sort of political corruption. It simply had to be because the CIA was still on Cold War footing.

If Farmer/Zegart are right then why on earth are 9/11 Commission MFR's with intelligence agents involved in the al-Hazmi/al-Mihdhar withholding still classified in 2009?!


The media have been bought out, or, rather, bought up. Big corporations own them and they toe the corporate line. Don't be expecting any truth out of them.

We'll have to do it ourselves.


Orwell's World

Seeing the footage of the protesters at the G-20 in Pittsburgh and hearing the voice on the police bullhorn and not seeing it on the MSM kinda knocked the wind out of me. Sibel Edmunds testifies and not a whimper from MSM. Now the latest stories on the MSM is Polanski and Letterman when there is so much to report. It all seems really Orwellian until I click on my internet and get fed the truth. The media is all they have left to try and keep the masses sleeping, but they can't get it done, because I know the truth and I am going to tell others where to find the truth. They're losing their grip because of the internet. Don't know much about him, but Damn he was good with his predictions, but maybe for humanities sake he just left out that golden nugget...the internet.
G.O.P. George Orwell Party

Free world?

Let's just hope they don't figure out a way to pull the plug on the net through some "national security" crisis. Is that technically possible? It would kill the only part of the US economy that actually works (tech sector). Where would we be then? Not trying to be gloomy, but recent events make me not put anything past these criminals.

Besides all the points mentioned

thereÄ's a simple reason as well: They were fed with the governtment version of the events, repeated that over and over, and were totally duped.
For me it's plain simple: As the first questions arose back in 2002/2003, the media did nothing other than to attack those who questioned their version. That's only plausible if they knew back then that their story was a lie.


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Travelling 9/11 Truth lecturers- I can give you a free ride between London UK airports and London UK hotels.
Previous happy customers RG + DRG ! Pls liaise with your UK hosts- they may know me.
e-mail me dont3fanATgmailDOTcom