When skeptics challenge skeptics, BBC is there!

If only for the sake of tragic comedy, then this BBC article is worth a look.

When Sceptics Fight Back

It touches upon such enlightening (and confusing) concepts as:

-Skeptics (from JREF) being skeptical of other skeptics (i.e. all conspiracy theorists)
-That conspiracy theorists are guilty of re-writing history
-Skeptical JREF lambastes the "mainstream media" for their "bad reporting" which (somehow?) supports conspiracy theories.
-A journalist who, after stating he was Jewish, eventually finds support in the skeptically anti-religious JREF community.

(Of note: on the JREF web site, there were zero search results for "Sibel Edmonds", and only a single result on BBC, which was a minor 2004 sub-reference to something else reported in a British newspaper. Good to see how CTs are successfully re-writing MSM history!)

I posted this...

The reason "theories" exist with regards to the 9/11 attacks is because those who should be able to answer our questions, REFUSE TO DO SO. The 9/11 Families that fought for the creation of the 9/11 Commission, that monitored the 9/11 Commission, that worked alongside the staffers of the 9/11 Commission, that supplied 100's of well researched questions for the 9/11 Commission to answer (only 30% were touched on) have called for an entirely new investigation. There is currently an effort underway in NYC to get a new investigation onto this November's ballot (80,000 New Yorkers signed that petition). "Conspiracy theorist" or "conspiracy theory" are terms created to silence dissent. There is a blatant "conspiracy" to cover-up what happened on 9/11, and who was responsible, and elements within the U.S. Government, the Saudi Arabian Royal Family, the Pakistani ISI, and possibly the Israeli Mossad, etc... have EARNED the title of suspect for the crime of 9/11. Do your job BBC, and stop trying to silence dissent.

Edit: It doesn't appear that the cowards are going to allow my comment.

Do these people deserve to know how and why their loved ones were murdered? Do we deserve to know how and why 9/11 happened?

I left this comment

Let's hope it gets published:

As we are on the subject of "good" versus "bad" (i.e. politically correct vs. politically incorrect) science, let me take this opportunity to mention the brand new book by Dr. David Ray Griffin: "The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center Seven: Why the Official Account of 9/11 is Unscientific and False."

What this article fails to point out, particularly with regard to 9/11, is that the truth movement itself is the real group of skeptics; we were skeptical of the official account which was shoved down our throats. Numerous pilots, engineers, architects, intelligence officers and others (you can find them at patriotsquestion911 dot com) are the real "debunkers" in their debunking of the official account, an account which has more holes than swiss cheese.

By the way, there was a propagandistically one-sided tone to this article, in which the James Randi followers were painted as correct by default, whereas the skeptics known as "conspiracy theorists" were painted as all the time wrong by default. Shame on the author for at least so far being on the wrong side of history.

Taking The Fight To JREF

Everyone involved and interested should create an account at JREF and post your views in their 9/11 Conspiracy Section.

Philosophy...By keeping the shills on JREF defending their views there, it gives them a lot less time to spread propaganda to other places like forums, blogs, video comment sections, ect...

This really works because unless they want the JREF forum to become "Conspiracy Central", they are forced to waste a lot of their time on their own damn site defending it.

JREF has banned me...But they can't ban all of us.

Sign up for an account please....start out slow, subtle. Don't come on too strong at first or they will just ban you.

Follow their rules or they will ban you.


I have already gotten about 10 people to create accounts there...

It would be good to see a couple hundred and turn that place inside out.

I think it is more important to pressure BBC to do its job.

But how?

Surely there are at least some real, open-minded journalists working at the BBC. Don't we know any of them?

What about, say, an open letter to the BBC, succinctly detailing the shortcomings of the official account and the strongest evidence supporting alternative scenarious, signed by the most respected figures in the truth movement?

Other ideas?

The News Is Going To Do What It's Going To Do...

Manipulate the facts...We can not get the current media system to conform, and until it's replaced completely, we are at it's mercy.

The reason why I say hit JREF on their on forum is because it's a place where they recruit more shills...unpaid ones, the ones that are just sheep and spend day and night posting blog after blog on forum after forum...

If we can debunk these fools right in their own turf, it would help to stop the flow of propaganda. A TON of propaganda comes from JREF. This is a professional set up with secret funding from Washington (Thats admitted by JREF itself)

Rather have them arguing on their own site rather than flooding videos and forums with malarkey...

Our turf is the Blogishepe, the forums, the video/story comments sections...

Would you rather have them defending their own turf or out there in ours?