Oct 10 - 'Two Hours of the Truth'- Call-In Radio Show - 10am-12pm PDT

AM radio 1050 KCAA - Call the DNA Radio Show between 10am-12pm PDT Saturday, Oct 10 - toll-free at 1-888-909-1050

On September 12th during his first stint as DNA guest host, Joe Patrick (shown at left) opened the show and addressed his engineer on the air asking, "is my microphone loud enough? After-all, the truth should be loud and in your face, don't you think?"

Patrick, a self-proclaimed truther and member of 9-11 Truth, returns for "Two Hours of the Truth." Joe believes he's been anointed to deliver an important message. "In the past 2 years a lot of my so-called friends have abandoned me. I have very few left, but that's fine. I know what I've been called to do and I'll pay that price."

"I won't be able to sleep," he says, "until every home in America knows what I know. Only then will we be free. I want all the sheeple to call in, whether you agree with me or not." Joe will have some clips ready to play, featuring well-known conservative radio talk show hosts in addition to some hard-hitting criticism of their opinions that he believes are the product of what he calls corporatocracy.

Your phone calls and participation are encouraged. Who knows. You might be one of the lucky ones to get a blast from his "Truth Zapper."


I won't be able to hear this when it airs live. If an archived podcast is available after the fact, would someone please post a link to it?

Off Topic but thank you

How soon after this speech was he killed by a lone crazed gunman?

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Thank you Loose Nuke, I will try to call in.


...the 9/11 Truth Movement has to depend upon Farrakhan's approvals or comprehensions in order to be successful.

However, it is NOT counter to our intelligence to understand that those who oppose us will try anything and everything in order to associate the 9/11TM with controversial figures.

Man-O-Man...things are REALLY getting interesting around here!

And Denver...what a scene in the Rocky Mountain west...what a fantastic "to-and-fro" match...

This is all terriffic stuff that is surfacing...

...especially the PBS fraud...the

P rivate
B roadcasting
S ystem

...controlled by whom Bill O'reilly [sp] would call..."the tiny New York Media Elite"...

Deal with it folks...

...especially the older "Sesame Street" crowd...

PBS and NPR have been hacked too!

love, peace and progress...

Robin Hordon
Kingston, WA

Lionel / John Farmer - Monday Morning early

Speaking of broadcasts, somewhere in the 6-9am EST time frame on Oct 12 (Monday morning), Lionel (an AirAmerica host) will be interviewing 9-11 Commissioner John Farmer about his book. I don't listen to his show, so I don't know if there will be call-ins, but seems to me people should be able to put in their 2-cents somehow....
Here's the show link: http://airamerica.com/lionel

Lionel is ON OUR SIDE

So maybe he can do some damage to Farmer's Fairy Tale.