American Political Pressure Actally Thwarts Democracy From Speading Naturally

Let's take Iran for an example...

They had a free society (as free as you're going to get over there), and a democratically elected leader. We come in there with The Shaw and our influence. Eventually we know how this all turned out.

A free and open society is the most easily attacked from outside sources with money to burn.

What ends up happening is governments are forced to crack down on free speech, protests, and related activities because if they allow it, America will start dumping millions and million into covert actions to topple the elected government.

Thus, we end up with countries like Iran. Once a fairly open society, now about to execute protesters.

The more money that America pumps into funding these covert opertions, the more the country is forced into cracking down on civil liberties of it's own citizens, until we end up with a closed society. America then uses that as a propaganda tool against that nation, saying "We need to go in to promote freedom and democracy"

Problem is really that "Freedom and Democracy" can not be PUSHED...It will come naturally when the people have had enough crap from the government, they will revolt and throw the crooks out.

Did we have any country pushing "Freedom and Democracy" step foot on US soil when we were fighting for independence from the King? NO, it's came naturally.

It's a natural reaction to resist something that is forced on you, even if it's for the better. The guys at the top know this, that's why they do it.