Live Avian flu with 60% death-rate "accidentally" put in US company's test vaccine material

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US pharmaceutical company Baxter admitted to distributing active Avian flu H5N1 in their “test vaccine material” that were sent to 18 labs in four countries. H5N1 flu is the world’s deadliest, with a mortality rate of over 60% according to the World Health Organization (WHO). H5N1 “has caused the largest number of detected cases of severe disease and death in humans” of all known flu types, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). This potential pandemic was averted in March when alert researchers discovered the equivalent of a biological weapon that could quickly kill over two billion people, according to published data in American Scientist, a leading journal. An August 2009 analysis in the Journal of Virology, "Reassortment between Avian H5N1 and Human H3N2 Influenza Viruses in Ferrets: a Public Health Risk Assessment," confirms that the mix of H5N1 and H3N2 did indeed combine the two into a form that could be as deadly as H5N1 and as transmittable as H3N2.

Baxter Manager of Communications, Jutta Brenn-Vogt, at Baxter Deutschland stated the vaccine component was "experimental virus material."

Most Americans are unaware of this story, as mainstream media largely failed to report it (see here and here).

Experts stated that contamination of vaccines with live virus is impossible through an accident because of strict BSL3 protocol (Biosafety level 3). Pathogenic and potentially lethal agents are always contained and fully supervised. This means that either BSL3 protection was ignored by Baxter, or that “vaccines” were created as lethal biological weapons.

Our US government’s response was to quickly grant immunity to vaccine manufacturers and related government officials from any lawsuits for damages. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is repeatedly calling on Americans to take the current version of the vaccine, promising it to be "safe and secure." The World Health Organization declared a “Level 6 pandemic” in June which allows governments to use deadly force in requiring total public vaccinations. The US is in treaty obligation to obey WHO if they order universal vaccination.

Legal and medical professionals have taken the above information and composed a criminal complaint available to everyone to request protection from local courts if forced vaccinations are ordered. In surveys, less than half of American, Canadian, and UK health care workers will accept the vaccine, and only about one-third of US parents plan to vaccinate their children.

Below is 2-minute video and then an extensive interview with Jane Burgermeister, a medical editor with academic training in biosafety who explains why an accident in handling H5N1 is impossible, and that this was a biological attack. She also explains that this new flu scare is a continuation of that plan. The most popular hypothesis to explain an attack is agreement among the highest level of government and economic leaders to massively reduce earth’s population. The source of the interview is Project Camelot.

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