Richard Gage, AIA, Joins George Washington in "Live" Webcast From First Parish Cambridge, This Sunday Oct 11.

By Michael Marino,

**Watch LIVE** here:

This Sunday, Oct 11, Richard Gage, AIA, founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (AE911Truth), has the high honor of addressing an audience at the First Parish of Cambridge, which was established in about 1636, adjacent to Harvard. Our first president, George Washington, worshiped there; the General Marquis de Lafayette was welcomed there in 1825; and Ralph Waldo Emerson gave his famous Phi Beta Kappa speech at this historic location in 1837. As we now face the most unimaginable problem of our lifetime, Mr. Gage will present evidence countering prevailing opinion, much as these courageous predecessors did when they saw the necessity nearly two centuries ago. When Mr. Gage gives his multimedia presentation 9/11: Blueprint for Truth, the audience will not only be those people seated in the First Parish, but also those watching a “live” webcast world-wide scheduled for 5:00 PM EDT, Sunday, Oct 11.

This event is part of a short tour by Mr. Gage, as he follows in the footsteps of Paul Revere in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, sounding the alarm today about the outright lies that we have been told concerning the most important event of our lives.

AE911Truth is making stupendous achievements and will soon have 1,000 architects and engineers calling for a new investigation. Last month set another milestone when Mr. Gage spoke at the oldest forum in the country, The Commonwealth Club of California, established in 1903 with the stated purpose to “find the truth and set it loose in the world.” Mr. Gage did just that with his excellent explanation of why the official report of 9/11/01 does not withstand scientific scrutiny and why there must be a new investigation.

Tune in here: Invite your friends over for a 9/11 Truth Party, and gather around the screen. Spread the news... this Sunday afternoon from historic First Parish Cambridge, Massachusetts.


More than kudos; huzzahs; and boundless accolades to Richard Gage and AE911 Truth.

Everyone can watch this event Live here.

The Church holds up to 800 people. Over 100 have already gathered online here:

Looks like someone called Buddy is running the stream. I've got broadband at 660 download and 1.5 MB upload and the stream is choppy both in picture and audio. Anybody else having problems? I gave livestream a try and ran into similar problems with live streaming. Went back to a windows media server and have been getting great streams. I think there are a lot of bugs in flash streamers. I love flash for everything else. Comments?


A man named Carl was running it today. He was having problems with the wifi reception in the Church. It went in and out all presentation. But we had a good discussion in the comment section and appreciated his efforts none the less. He said it is a learning process and it'll be better next time. I'm not a big fan of LiveStream because it takes up a lot of my CPU Usage percentage. Anyway. We are trying to utilize the best technology we know how. I imagine it'll get better with time and experience. All in all it was a success but with room for improvement. Peace John.

Keep Making History..

Richard Gage is like the Paul Revere of 9/11 Truth. He keeps ringing the bell and waking people up. AE911Truth seems destined to hit 1,000 this year!

*For a great synopsis of Griffin's book on 7, check out this site. Anyone can win a debate on 7 with these points. Print.

Never get enough

If only there were more like you Richard. If we work hard enough there will be.

I saw some new material. I never saw the melted filing cabinet before.

Aspiring truther - I'm working hard to start a Truth Rock movement. What would the 60's have been without music? Help me make Truth Rock mainstream.

northampton event and white rose

The timing of this New England truth tour was special. Richard Gage opened his talk at the beautiful sanctuary of First Churches in Northampton remarking about his colorful road trip that day. From a successful event Friday night in Portsmouth, NH to western Mass, the peak autumn colors were very special for our Californian guest. Beauty and science together can gently tells us how it is for justice and truth to exist. Otherwise the rule of deception will lead us back into the dark ages, where we are now. But not totally dark as New England tour with Richard Gage, AIA, shows us, like a white rose in all its facets.