911 activist through art at Cal State Long Beach

I have been protesting for 911 truth at the campus of Cal State Long Beach for two years now. I started face painting and canvas painting everyday as a way of creating beauty into the world in the face of destruction brought on by the Bush and now Obama administrations. My motto has been to "Make Art not War". At the same time I've outreached to the entire community of CSULB about 911, the mainstream media, and the drug war, and the federal reserve as I sit there Mon through Thurs for hours at a time creating art.



What a nice upbeat kind of post. Many thanks for sharing it!

Balance is critically important. It's not easy to achieve and sustain, but if we don't create and nurture it, we burn out.

9/11 and other activists would be wise to follow your lead, in their own ways of course, for the sake of their personal health on all levels, yet also for the sake of the movement(s).

If they burn out, who is there to take their place? People are too important here not to take care of themselves. Doing so is not only a choice but, under these circumstances, I think also a duty.

Is it is hard accomplish? Almost impossible. But the stakes here are high enough to warrant our doing whatever it takes.

You paint and face paint.
I often take time to listen to silence.
How about others?

How about also weighing in here on ways that you help take care of yourselves in "keeping fit for the fight" - not just so we can share our info but so that we can also remind ourselves to do it.


pls let me know what you think about this elizabeth kucinich vid with map

sugarcoated 9/11 truth with map added at the end

here at 911blogger were in a hard core of researchers of a certain set of topics- it might seem repetitive to send a simple message to the public but i believe someone completely new to this needs a hook- a pretty face, a catchline, a videogenic clip

Enough of the Farrakhan already

Nearly every post on blogger is being spammed by Douglas Hilton

Farrakhan as far as I'm concerned is a charismatic leader, his information is culled from many sources including far right racists, personally I don't need charismatic leaders and I'll do my own research, we are our own leaders, this kind of worship is what we, the human race, should be moving away from in our (r)evolution.

Ok Doug you've made your point (too many times IMO) it's getting boring.