Is Amy Goodman a CIA Agent?

The Wonderful World Of Unbalanced Media,
by Danny Schechter
Beckian demagogues on the Left too: New Pacifica Mishigas' attack on Amy Goodman as a CIA agent.

Goodman: Paid by CIA to cover-up 9/11 Truth?

Christopher Condon, an ally of Pacifica’s interim director Grace Aaron, last month introduced a resolution at a meeting of the Pacifica National Board’s Governance Committee targeting Democracy Now! over allegations that is is being secretly funded by the CIA.

The action, which would require every Pacifica programmer to disclose all sources of funding above $5000 and related contracts, passed the Committee and is before the Pacifica National Board, meeting in Houston this weekend, for approval.

An assembled pair of audio clips from Condon explaining the purpose of his resolution can be heard at and an audio clip of the entire discussion - and votes - can be heard at (at Part 1 of the Sept. 17 meeting from 0:03:32 to 0:41:25). In the clips, Condon, in particular - although he denies it several times - makes it clear that Goodman is the target of his resolution.

A Counterpunch article by Iain Boal entitled “The New Crisis at Pacifica” provides some of the political context for this attack; it can be found at

Condon based the claimed need to dissect the finances of Democracy Now! on purported allegations that DN has received “CIA conduit funding” through the Ford Foundation to suppress information about the 9/11 “Truth” Movement.

This seems bizarre.

This seems bizarre. It's one thing to call for transparency of funding, but clearly it's focusing on a specific allegation which will not ever be "revealed" by this rule.

Amy Goodman, like many many many many progressives and Democrats out there, may merely be unwilling or unable to accept the views of 9/11, or may feel it threatens the program, which delivers 90% excellent information that few if any others do to that sized audience.

If someone really wanted to know the funding of her program, why not just make a broad rule without making completely speculative claims in the process?

That wouldn't have been hard to do, which is why I am concerned that this is about an Amy Goodman witch hunt, not about transparency of funding.

>> Despite being thrown out of the Church of Scientology, Aaron still publicly identifies herself as “a follower of the teachings of L Ron Hubbard”.

Amy Goodman Could Do More For 9/11 Truth

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

I've watched some of the confrontations 9/11 Truthers have had with Amy Goodman on Youtube. She could do a lot more for our movement but she hasn't and that is suspicious. 9/11 was one of our nations greatest crimes and she states in this Youtube I made that the 9/11 Commission was inadequate and leaves it at that.

For a crime committed in her own hometown with thousands of her own fellow citizens murdered and two wars with untold numbers murdered she could do more than provide lip service to those that confront her. I believe she's compromised in some way so this post doesn't surprise me one bit.

Take Care Matt

Watch Amy watch WTC7 CD :

She could have done a Hell of a lot more and that from day one ..

I guess when Rockefeller Foundation funding pays for your NYC penthouse you know where the line is ..
All reporters who don't know that become lame ducks very quick, that's why Dan Rather lied about what the zapruder-film showed
and look what a nice comfortable life he got in return for knowing his place ..
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya