New 9/11 Inquiry Squashed: Truth Quest Stopped By City Hall


Answer: Mockingbird Got Their Tongue.

Question: Where is CNN? MSNBC? FOX? CNBC? ABC? CBS? NBC? NYTimes? WSJ? AP?


The corporate lap dog media is too afraid to even cover the 'defeat' of this campaign. Just as they were too afraid to even ridicule Charlie Sheen. That's how desperate they are to avoid ANY mention of 9/11 truth.

Still it is unbelievale how all of these 24 hour cable stations, local NY outlets, and progressive news sources can ALL remain dead silent.

It is time to Kill a Mockingbird.

great story, jon. . .

. . . thanks so much for posting. from the ashes of the petition effort will rise a phoenix of truth.

What is suppressed is

What is suppressed is strengthened. This slap on the people of NY will be empowering. Even barney didn't know what to say about it. But he heard it.

911 Truth Ends 911 Wars

All the news that isn't fit to print.

I'm not surprised that the mainstream news did not cover this. But I was wondering how much coverage it received from any mainstream source. I did a google news search for "NYC Coalition For Accountability Now" and the first thing that came up was from Russia Today(RT). Unfortunately, that appeared to be the only media outlet that addressed this story. However, if only 1 referendum in the past 25 years has made it onto the ballot, then this initiative going down probably isn't newsworthy to the MSM. The long, hard slog continues.

MSM may not recognize obvious but Hollywood Does

While the deafening silence continues over coverage of the enormous groundswell of victims, scholars, and former government officials' support for a new investigation into the highly suspect official story, Hollywood has recognized loud and clear through realistic fiction that the official story of the collapse of 3 highrises in one day is too farfetched for even science fiction moviegoers to accept. The (perhaps too realistic to be tasteful) new movie 2012 recognizes that a collapse can only realistically occur in an assymetrical fashion-not straight down through the point of highest resistance. The more probable version of any such collapse is shown in the movie trailer at


Ted is saying something very important here about taking this to the national level.

(Although I've got to say if this never would have happened in California; we'll put any damn thing on the ballot.)

More like international.

In terms of legal justice, and as far as "official history" as far as the world is concerned, this whole thing will be blown wide open with an international coalition of investigators. I don't believe it's realistic to think this will ever happen purely domestically. The resistance by the machine is too great and even if ballots get approved and even if they win, the potential for infiltration and corruption is too great.

...and where was Pacifica?

Pacifica's "Democracy Now," based in New York City, has also completely ignored this important story unfolding right under their noses. Amy Goodman has even written a book ("Breaking the Sound Barrier") and gone on nationwide speaking tours criticizing the mainstream media for stifling stories like this. I wrote to ask her why (, but got no response.


Democracy Now claims to be fair and balanced in their coverage of 9/11 Truth because they had the Loose Change filmmakers on air once during their 5th anniversary of 9/11 broadcast. Have they done any coverage since? How about a follow up guys?